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Criminal Legal Defense Attorneys Lawyers in Orange County, California

Jake Brower, Attorney at Law 
"Maybe the only thing you need to know about Orange County Criminal Attorney Jake Brower is that his connections and reputation within the legal community have allowed him to deliver results that other lawyers cannot. On many occasions, for instance, other lawyers who know they will be unable to obtain an acceptable result refer their own clients to Jake Brower – because they know that he will be able to obtain not just acceptable, but extraordinary results. If you or a loved one is seeking top-quality legal representation, you should probably also know that Jake Brower’s client list includes Deputy District Attorneys, members of the District Attorney’s office, court employees, law enforcement officers, and members of their families. Jake Brower, Attorney at Law, has handled a wide variety of legal cases, with a practice focused on Criminal Law. Thousands of clients have been the beneficiary of his intricate understanding of the procedures and players in the Orange County Superior Court and the Criminal Court Community. One advantage is Jake Brower’s intimate familiarity with Drug Treatment options available within the legal system. Mr. Brower is well versed in the treatment of addictions and uses all treatment aspects to defend his clients. As a result, he is often able to secure treatment in lieu of jail time for his clients. The law practice is conveniently located and quickly accessible from the nearby communites of Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine, Yorba Linda, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and other Orange County and South Coast Metro areas."  Santa Ana
Ronald G. Brower, Attorney at Law 
"Ronald G. Brower, an Orange County California criminal defense attorney, has been a leading player in the Southern California legal scene for over 30 years. If you’re looking for reasons to explain that status, maybe all you need to know is what a Los Angeles Times columnist wrote a few years back after watching Ron Brower’s defense of a murder suspect: 'What lawyer would you call if you found yourself — guilty or innocent — facing charges? Somewhere on my short list of three or four would be Ronald G. Brower of Santa Ana. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to place my fate in his hands.' The columnist, Jerry Hicks, added that Brower’s defense 'was as brilliant a job as I ever heard in a courtroom.' Today, the Law Offices of Ron Brower continue to provide that same level of commitment and excellence to a long list of satisfied clients. This includes clients involved in some of the area’s most sensational, high-profile cases – cases you read and heard about in the media. But it also includes clients in cases that don’t attract any media coverage at all."  Orange
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