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Corporate Business Landscaping in Orange County, California

Spectrum Care Landscape 
"Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance for Residential,Commercial/ Industrial, Public Works... Attracting and retaining the very best personnel - The explanation for our superior performance on your job sites. With good communication as the foundation for our business relationships, we listen, evaluate and take action. Consistent top performance - It's required from our employees. It results in close working relationships with satisfied clients... clients whom come back again and again to the people they know and trust at Spectrum Care Landscape. Knowledge, equipment, capacity and capability - The basis for our continuing ability to meet tight deadlines and satisfy a multitude of specific demands on each installation and maintenance project. Integrity - Rather than overlooking problems, we recognize them, diagnose the source and focus on solutions. Values - Dedicated to the old fashion tradition of honesty, integrity and hard work, we endeavor to remain at the technological, equipment, skill and implementation forefront of our industry in order to always provide superior performance and competitive pricing."  Foothill Ranch
Keith Weber
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