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LAN Internet Gaming Centers in Orange County, California

Aftermath Extreme Gaming Center 
"Welcome to the official site of AfterMath Extreme Gaming, and thanks for visiting! AXG is a premier gaming center that will be opening extremely soon in Laguna Hills, CA. For a full list of supported games, head over to the games page. AXG will be opening April 21st, 2007 at 10am. By now, we understand that the anticipation is probably killing you, but just sit tight for now. As every day passes, we are getting closer and closer to our launch day. We can''t wait, and we know that you can't either. In the meantime, why not join our forums and chat with other gamers." According to the Orange County Register, "The 800-square-foot interactive computer gaming center... will have 32 terminals with state-of-the-art computer systems, a snack area and sales of used and new video games."  Laguna Hills
CG Centre Computer Gaming 
"CGCentre will be changing to 'Centre Cafe' early 2006. We will be adding a fast food restaurant to our facilities that will provide gourmet coffees, hot snack foods such as pizza, hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, etc as well as specialty drinks and deserts.... Our goal is to provide a safe, clean, fun environment for customers to enjoy them selves eating as well as accessing the internet and/or playing games. To ensure this, we will enforce strict rules of conduct for our customs inside as well as around the business. The unique business features are listed below: * Nice relaxed, clean atmosphere. * Safe environment for young kids to adult. * Constant adult supervision. * Posted rules of conduct. * Spacious eating and computer area * ADA compliant facility and fixtures. * Camera surveillance and recording of interior and exterior locations. * All systems equipped with headphones to minimize noise." Featuring: * Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch * Counter-Strike: Source Beta * Counter-Strike * Counter-Strike: Condition Zero * Day of Defeat * Opposing Force * Half Life * Death Match Classic * Team Fortress Classic * Ricochet *Battlefield 2 *Battlefield 1942 o Desert Combat - Modern Warfare o DC Extended - Desert Combat Mod o Galactic Conquest - Star Wars o Forgotten Hope - Realistic WWII o Interstate 82 - 1970 Muscle Cars with guns o Hydro Racers - Speed Boats o Pirates - Fight on Land and Sea o Siege - Knights of the Crusades * Battlefield Vietnam o WWII Mod o POE * WarCraft 3 * WarCraft 3: Frozen Throne * Diablo2 * Diablo2: Lord of Destruction * StarCraft * StarCraft: Broodwar  Irvine
Cyber Cafe World 
"Welcome to Cyber Cafe World, where you'll find great games on fast computers in air-conditioned environment. So come in, get a snack and a drink, sit in a soft comfortable chair, and let the games begin." Featuring: Counter-Strike, Battlefield 1942, Warcraft, Gun Bound, Frozen Throne, Diablo, Battlefield Vietnam.  Huntington Beach
60 systems, Alienware systems + G4 computers. If someone has a website for this one, please e-mail  Cypress
The Huntington Beach Library and Cultural Center 
Storytime. Homework Assistance. Computer & Internet Center. Reading Cetner. Photocopier & Typewriter. Young Adults Teen Center. "The Huntington Beach Library and Cultural Center offers the ideal setting and a world of resources to ensure that your next event is a tremendous success. Located in a 350-acre park, the cultural center features a beautiful theater, spacious rooms, a full kitchen, and all the technology you expect from a state-of-the-art facility. Enter our main lobby to the sound of cascading fountains merging into shallow pools at the end of a gracious spiral ramp. No matter what the occasion - business meetings, social gatherings, exercise classes, or receptions for up to 350 people - the library's beautiful conference facilities and experienced professionals are always ready to care for your needs, large or small. Enjoy a tour through the Huntington Beach Art League Galleries, featuring changing exhibits of local art. Delight in the endless views of trees, outdoor fountains, ponds and pools or escape into nature for a walk, or maybe a wedding, in the surrounding Huntington Beach Central Park. Facility features * 7 meeting & banquet rooms * 319 seat state-of-the-art theater * High tech videoconferencing centers * Children's theater * Art galleries * Piano room * Complimentary guest parking * Audiovisual equipment * Business supplies * Catering kitchen * Coffee bar * Picturesque views * Central location"  Huntington Beach
Interpia Pc Bang 
2006: "For only $2 an hour, surfers at Interpi@ can enjoy pc games, chatting, word document, print etc. We have over 50 PCs, each computer is wired to Full T1 internet access... NVIDIA Garme Center Alliance - iNTERPiA is members of NVIDIA’s Game Center Alliance (NGCA) program, which currently has over 200 members worldwide. Take a test drive with NVIDIA’s latest GPU, and experience first-hand NVIDIA’s largest generational technology leap in history! Two reliable Counter Strike servers (Dual pentium 1Ghz cpus)... PENTIUM 4 2.4G AMD XP 2500, XP 3200 Our systems are also equipped with 512mb DDR, GeFORCE 4 440MX, Ti, FX 5600, 6800" Featuring: CS:Source, Doom 3, Battlefield Vietnam, CS:CZ, Call of Duty, Half-Life, Battlefield 1912, GunBound, Hitman, Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft.  Garden Grove
Yogi's Cyber Hub Cafe PC Gaming Center 
"T1 Alert.. The Internet is NOW ONLINE. Come to Orange County's Cybercafe Play games or surf the net with our high speed connection. Pure speed for maximum enjoyment! Research homework and enjoy the high speed access! Webmasters link to our site! =D Pricing: $2.00/hour - see also Happy Hour Yogis Cyber Hub is located in Lake Forest California in OC (Orange County) Game, Internet access from a high speed connection not a Internet kiosk - Yogi's is your portal to total net access in Orange County! Play Counter-Strike with all your friends people come from all over SoCal to play at this Internet. Enjoy the cafe style drinks and sodas while you visit. Orange County tournaments for LAN games of Half Life Counter Strike happen at yogis, the schedule will be posted online soon. Stop by to sign-up and get information." Featuring: Gaming: Half-Life Counter-Strike Diablo II StarCraft w/ Expansion Sets Arcade: King of Fighters '98 Magical Drop Soccer Raiden Fighters 2 The House of the Dead LE Mans 24  Lake Forest
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