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One-of-a-Kind Jewelry in Orange County, California

Anaheim Certified Farmers' Market 
"The Farmer's Market is from Noon-7pm from November to March and Noon to 8pm March to October. Located at the intersection of Center Street Promenade and Lemon.... Fresh fruit, vegetables, breads and other wonderful foods Plus unique Crafts! Jewelry, wood craft, stained glass, dolls. Located on the Center Street Promenade in beautiful Downtown Anaheim Anaheim Farmers Market is sponsored by the Downtown Anaheim Association * Farm Products * Ripe Tomatoes * Fresh Honey * Bakery Goods * Peaches * Pecans * Oranges * Herbs * Flowers * Candy Apples * Beef Jerky * Pistachio Nuts * Apples * Grapes * Melons * House Plants * Eggplant * Kettle Popcorn * Oriental Vegetables * Crafts * Hand Carved Wood Crafts * Dolls * Ceramics * Peruvian and Guatemalan Crafts * Stained Glass Jewelry * Hand Painted Saws * Potpourri * Baby Clothes * Wreaths Specialty Fashions * Sarongs * Tole Painting... Q: What is a Certified Farmers Market? A: The Certified Farmers Market concept is an effort to re-establish the traditional link between farmers and consumers in California. Put simply, certified farmers markets (CFM's) are "the real thing", places where the genuine farmers sell their crops directly to the public. It is where the agrarian community relates to the urban community. More specifically, a CFM is a location approved by the county agricultural commissioner where certified farmers offer for sale only those agricultural products they grow themselves. California Certified Farmers Markets are operated in accordance with regulations established in 1977 by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Only a handful of CFM's were in the California direct marketing program back then. There are over 350 communities with Certified Farmers Markets in the State now and the number is growing every year. This rare meeting of farmers and consumers serves as an educational experience whereby customers learn about their food sources and have access to nutritional information."  Anaheim
Charmed Life Jewelry 
"The idea of Charmed Life, Inc. was created several years back but did not evolve into a 'real' business until 2002. As sister-in-laws and new moms, we were looking for a way to take our vast business experience and creativity and mold them into a company that would allow us to stay-at-home with our three girls. While brainstorming and researching a number of ideas for our business, I (Jen) was given a necklace from a good friend and the designer of one of the original necklaces in the collection. The affirmation discs on my necklace read: FAITH, HOPE, and COURAGE and were in honor of the birth of my daughter, Madeleine. Maddie had been born four months premature (she was only 1-1/2 lbs. and 13 inches long at birth), so the necklace was especially meaningful and a treasured gift I wore daily. I, in turn, gave Tami a necklace to celebrate the birth of her second baby. As our family and friends saw the necklace, they all wanted one. After countless compliments on the necklace from friends and strangers alike, we decided this was our calling and that bringing this concept to the mass market was an absolute must! So we began creating our own designs and soon we had a line of jewelry and accessories inspired by the affirmation discs. Before we knew it, our little company was launched! Now, several years later, our business and families have grown. Our new tagline is: Two moms, FIVE babies & one growing business!!!"  Orange
CLG Designs 
"CLG designs are jewelry creations made by Cynthia L. Green in Southern California. Each piece is inspired intuitively by the beauty of the stones and gems that are hand picked. Cynthia's mantra is to 'create only those pieces she would wear herself and never boring or of poor taste and quality'. Thus, the time and effort put into each piece assures the level of quality and standards that are reflected in her work. Cynthia's background stems from an early career as a Graphic Artist and experience at the Art Institute in Houston, Texas. The colours and textures exhibited are influenced by her Southern heritage, travels to Europe, the Caribbean and love for Asian arts."  Irvine
M&M Creative Design 
"We'll make your next gift or project extraordinary. Photography, Baby Newspapers, Memory Bracelets, Invitations, Scrapbooks, Furniture, Memory Boxes, Custom Frames."  Cypress
MoonFyre Jewelry 
"We carry a wide assortment of jewelry, including sterling silver, one-of-a-kind artist jewelry and CZ costume jewelry. Our specialty is unusual pieces that you won't find anywhere else. Click categories on the left to view items and begin shopping. If you see something you like, snatch it up! Many pieces we only have one of, and once it's gone, it's gone. We also offer... custom jewelry special orders repairs ear piercing bridal jewelry prom jewelry Ask us about Jewelry an in-home jewelry party and earn free jewelry. Also ask us how you can earn money for your school club or organization."  Fullerton
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