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Integrated Circuit Test Programmers Engineers in Orange County, California

PRP Production Ready Programming 
"At PRP we believe that content rules and creativity delivers. This is reflected in our project management teams, which are composed of systems development managers and test engineers. Our management teams work well in corporate environments, and can conform our designs to the styles and constraints of any production problems, issues or concerns. Backed by the creative talent of top engineers, we develop high-level test program sets that will speed your production facilities along. Listed below are some of the disciplines that we bring to the table. PRP test programs for GenRad 227X and 228X Series In-Circuit Testers Click here for Material Requirements for ICT program generation. PRP test programs for Schlumberger Series 700, 720, 730, 733, 750, and 770 Systems PRP test programs for Schlumberger Series 333 (303, 303S, 333) Systems Turn-key production ready programs fine-tuned for use on your in circuit tester Higher manufacturing yields with comprehensive PRP test routines Detailed documentation to analyze and measure the quality of test production Quicker diagnostics through customized cross-referencing ATE Fixturing Click here for Material Requirements for ICT fixture fabrication. GenRad Series Factron Thinline Series Everett Charles Series Hewlett Packard Series Zehntel Series SMD Fixturing Test Engineering Consulting for specific ATE needs Circuit Analysis for testability Customized IC test routines Functional tests"  Anaheim
Keith Weber
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