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Eric Conveys an Emotion 
"Eric conveys an emotion" is apparently a work by a fellow from Tustin. In particular, check out his "adventures" link at the bottom of the page. Nice, clean humor that adults and kids alike will enjoy. "Eric Conveys an Emotion was created in the summer of 1998. I was bored and wanted to make a new web site that people would laugh and have fun at. I had just gotten a camcorder and hooked it up to my computer, but I didn't want to just make another cheesy webcam site. This site is loosely based on a bit that Andy Richter used to do on his show. A word would appear at the bottom of the screen and he would half-heartedly make the facial expression for it. I thought it would be cool to take that one step further and let people choose what they wanted to see, since I could never come up with some of the stuff that gets requested, especially now that the 'real' emotions have kind of run dry. I have never advertised this site, but it seems to get around and now a few thousand people a day stop by and visit. Who knew? "  Tustin
Keith Weber
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