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Residential Construction in Orange County, California

John Laing Homes 
"At John Laing Homes, we’ve spent the past 150 years discovering what makes home, home. After more than 100,000 homes spanning two continents, we know the difference between a home that’s merely adequate and one that constantly delights and inspires. That’s why we’re confident that, when you’re looking for your new home in California or your new home in Colorado, there’s a John Laing home for you.... At John Laing Homes, we love to build cool homes. But not until we find out what 'cool' means to you. So we listen to our homebuyers and to the people who live where we build. Our award-winning architects have designed new homes in California and new homes in Colorado with the kind of creative solutions people have told us they want...."  Newport Beach
"Weyerhaeuser is an international forest products company that operates in five major business segments that make products fundamental to human needs in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. .. Our Pulp and Paper businesses help people communicate by producing a variety of papers and the pulp to produce these papers. We also make pulp for absorbent products and specialty uses such as photographic film. .. Our Containerboard, Packaging and Recycling businesses produce the paper, boxes and bags that move products from factory to store to you, then recover and recycle used paper to make new paper products. .. Our Real Estate businesses provide shelter by building homes and developing land. .. Our Wood Products businesses manufacture and distribute the building materials — dimension lumber, engineered lumber, panels and appearance wood — for homes and other structures. .. Our Timberlands business sustains it all by growing and harvesting trees in a renewable cycle."  Anaheim, Cerritos, Chino, Corona, Foothill Ranch, Irvine, Long Beach
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