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Harbors in Orange County, California

Dana Point Harbor 
"Panoramic views abound in the natural cove that author and seaman Richard Henry Dana called, "The only romantic spot on the coast." Dana landed here during the hide trading days of the 1830's and described the charm of the steep cliff cove in his renowned book, TWO YEARS BEFORE THE MAST. In the days of the square rigged sailing ships, the rugged cove was known as BAHIA CAPISTRANO and was the major port between San Diego and Santa Barbara. It seemed only natural that this scenic cove was destined to become one of the most beautiful recreational harbors on the west coast."  Dana Point
Newport Harbor 
"Newport Harbor has been acclaimed as one of the finest small boat harbors in the world. In addition, Newport Harbor and its surrounding shoreline is a place of beauty and scenic wonder... wind blown bluffs, sandy beaches, rocky coves and numerous islands from the harbor outline. Two jetties stand as sentries against the encroaching sea. Two main channels join and converge towards the harbor mouth. Over 9,000 boats are berthed in this well protected harbor. Quiet bay beaches line the length of the inside channel while endless surf pounds the oceanfront. Newport Harbor is as functional as it is beautiful. Boat slips line much of the shoreline and midchannel anchorage is also available. All size recreational and commercial boats can be accommodated, from the smallest of rowboats to large luxury yachts. Private homes, from beach houses to estates, follow the harbor's contour. Spreading fan-like out from the harbor's edge is the City of Newport Beach."  Irvine, Newport Beach
Sunset-Huntington Harbor 
"There are 5 marinas within the Sunset-Huntington harbor area, and a total of approximately 3,000 boats along with over 1500 residences/condominiums that are on the water. The Orange County Sheriff's Harbor Patrol is also responsible for patrolling the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station and off shore areas to 3 miles out. Altogether the patrol area covers about 1,745 acres of water and 6 miles of shoreline inside the harbor.... There is a vast natural area that lays between the Naval Weapons Station and Sunset-Huntington Harbor known as the ANAHEIM BAY NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE. This is home to numerous types of marine life and birds that thrive in the natural habitat that has existed for years. The area is said to be one of the most important and beautiful natural wildlife areas along the Pacific Coast. Numerous safety and environmental agencies have been working closely on a plan to protect the area should there be some type of disaster that would threaten the area with hazardous products."  Huntington Beach, Irvine
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