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Hair Transplant Doctors Surgery Resources in Orange County, California

Natural Hair Transplant Medical Center 
"The Most Natural Looking Hair Transplant Results Our patients' pre- and post- surgery photographs and the close-up videos are available for your review and scrutiny. Seeing is believing! The photographs show in detail the hair row by row as well as the hairline and the unnoticeable scar in the donor areas. If you like, you can meet our former patients in Southern California. Please contact our office for details. A High Quality Surgical Team Because the same doctor and surgical technicians perform all hair transplants in our medical center, patients are assured high quality and consistent results as shown on our video tapes and photo gallery. Patients in franchised medical facilities are not guaranteed the same doctor and surgical team for their hair transplant, therefore they are not assured the same consistent, high quality results as shown in the clinic's 'after' photos."  Newport Beach
Keith Weber
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