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Go-Peds in Orange County, California

PSWS Racing 
"We have been servicing and modifying Two-Stroke engines for over 17 years. We have the LARGEST inventory of Go-Peds®, OEM, Aftermarket & High Performance Parts available and ready for shipping. We have a professional sales, service & warranty staff available to provide you with the highest quality of service available in the Go-Ped® industry. All work performed by PSWS is work that has originated from our research, testing, developing and ideas. We are aware that our work is of such high quality that other dealers are copying us and claiming it as their own. Unfortunately for them the results of coping will be more frustrating than rewarding. We are the largest, best equipped service center in California, professional technicians, and a clean & pleasant environment are all reasons why PSWS is the leader in Go-Peds® sales & service. We can custom build to suit your needs. The PSWS Super-Stock Engine Mod Package is by far the best modification money can buy. But that does not mean it is expensive. At $150.00, no other modification can come close. No other modification matches the power increase, but more important is the fact that it is the quietest modification package available. We challenge any other company using their research, testing, and own ideas and not ours to build a faster engine, that starts as easy and is as quiet and reliable for $150.00 or less. They could not beat us on the race track and they can't beat us here. Click here for details & frequently asked questions. Whether it's OEM, High performance parts, Riding gear, you will find it at PSWS at a price that will save you money."  Orange
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