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Furniture Repair in Orange County, California

Citizen Cane Chair Restoration 
Saving Trees & Memories One Chair @ A Time! Re-Cane, Re-Rush, Wicker, Rattan, Refinish, Repair, Re-upholster! Chair Caning, Wicker repairs, Rushing, Weaving, Refinishing, Cushion Upholstery and Restoration Services. We can handle all your chair restoration needs. We also offer custom stain matching services.  
Craftsmanship Workshop 
"Refinishing, Restoration, Repair of Concrete, Cabinetry, Pools and Furniture. We are full service coating specialists. Concrete Countertops, Concrete Overlays, Concrete Stamping, Concrete Staining, Seamless Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings, Decorative Swimming Pool Painting,Old World Finishes on Cabinetry and Furniture." See photographs of their work at their online Gallery. "We have been serving Orange County since 1976. Family Owned and Operated. We offer design,samples,and color coordinating to fit your specific needs."  Mission Viejo
Frank's Cane & Rush Supply 
"Chair Caning & Seat Weaving Supplies Natural Strand Cane, Plastic Cane, Hand Caning Kits, Natural Binder Cane, Shaved Slab Rattan, Wire Nails, Rattan Re-Wrapping Kits, Cane Webbing, Paper Webbing, Reed Spline, Paper Weaves, Fibre Rush, Colored Fibre Rush, Natural Rush, Wire Rush, PK Grass, Danish Cord, Danish Nails, Seagrass, Shaker Tape, Caning Tools. Wicker Repair & Upholstery Supplies Round Reed, Flat Reed, Flat Fibre, Half-Round Reed Weave, Flat Oval Reed, Rawhide Strips, Fibre Wicker, Fibre Wicker Tape, Wire Rush, Braided Seagrass, Wicker Knobs, Wicker Handles, Braided Round Reed, Fibre Braids, Jute Webbing, Needles, Burlap, Antique Decorative Nails, Polished Hemp String Twine, Upholstery Tools. Basketry and Fibre Arts Supplies Binder Cane, Round Reeds, Flat Reeds, Flat Oval Reeds, Seagrass, Oak and Ash Splints, Rattan Rings, Basket Bases, Tissue Flex, Wood Hoops and Handles, Wire Handles. Wood Parts and Wood Furniture Kits Hiphuggers, Oak Spindles, Oak Dowels, Screw Hole Plugs, Spiral Dowel Pins, Stool Kits, Child's Chair Kits, Adult Chair Kits, Adult Rocker Kits. Raffia, Hat Making and Weaving Supplies Poly Hat Blocks, Raffia Hat Kits, Natural Raffia, Natural Raffia Braided, Natural Raffia Bundles, Plaited Raffia, Natural Colored Raffia, Processed Colored Raffia, Synthetic Raffia, Raffia Carpet, Raffia Fabric Fine and Course, Artificial Sinew, Sisal Cordage, Sisal Twine, Waxed Polyester Twine, Waxed linen, Natural Jute Twine, Cotton Cordage, Wheat Straw, Braided Wheat Straw, Wheat Weaving Books, Tamboo Grass, Yucca Fibre, Sennit, Fleece twine, Natural Manila Fibre, Coconut Fibre, Dyes. Bamboo and Rattan Poles and Tropical decor Rattan Poles, 'Tortoise Shell' Rattan, 'Tiger' Rattan, Yellow, Green, Black and Brown Bamboo, 'Turtle' Bamboo, 'Tortoise Shell' Bamboo, Shakuhachi Flute Blanks, Wangi Bamboo Root, Bamboo Bark, Bamboo Planks, Bamboo Working Tools, Books, Bamboo Specialty Products, Bamboo and Reed Fences, Tiki's, Fishnets, Bamboo Benches, Tropical Matting, Bamboo Flooring, Bamboo Board, Bamboo Veneer, Raincape. Videos and Instruction Books Hand Caning Video, Press Caning Video, Rush Weaving Video, Wicker Repair Video, Seat Weaving Books, Upholstery Books, Wicker & Repair Books, Woodworking Books, Basketry Books, General Crafts, Project Sheets."  Huntington Beach
Sparkle® Restoration Services 
"Congratulations! You have found the type of service organization you thought no longer existed in Southern California... Our entire business is designed to provide you with an extraordinary experience. From Pet Urine Removal to Water Damage, Stone Restoration and Mold Remediation services, Sparkle helps you solve the most challenging cleaning and restoration problems. Guaranteed!"  Costa Mesa, Santa Ana
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