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Free Donation Sites on the Internet

Animal Rescue Site 
A click-a-day benefits animals in rescues across the country.  
Breast Cancer Site 
A click-a-day benefits the victims of breast cancer.  
Care2's Race for Children in Need 
"Where the money goes: 100% of the donations generated go to support needy children through Children International. Contributions are funded by sponsors who have agreed to pay to be featured on the Race for Children in Need. If during a period there are no paying corporate advertising sponsors, Care2 has guaranteed to make a donation of at least $1 for every 1000 clicks on the Children's race. No matter what, every time you click, (up to once per day) you will be generating a donation to support one of Care2's kids."  
Charity Cafe 
"CharityCafe launched in October 2000, as the world's first 'search & donate free' site. Every day we all use search engines to find the information we want online. CharityCafe now allows web users to search the internet and make a donation to charity every time they do. About Mill Services Mill Services of Brighton, UK, are providing web users the world over the opportunity to make a difference, without the need to incur any expense themselves. Mill Services are not a registered charity - but CharityCafe is our small contribution to a better world. We only cover the costs we incur in running the site - so 100% of net funds are split equally between our listed charities. CharityCafe is not for profit!"  
Child Health Site 
"Launched in October 2002, The Child Health Site focuses the power of the Internet on a specific need -- saving children's lives and improving the quality of their health. Over 200,000 children die every week from preventable causes, and many millions more suffer from preventable disease, cureable blindness, landmines and other crippling accidents. To learn more about some of the health issues children face today, click here. In less than five seconds, visitors to The Child Health Site can click on the "Help a Child - Click Here" button and, at no cost to them, save young lives and help children stay healthy. How? Each click - free to the visitor - generates funds paid by site sponsors. The majority of this funding goes to The Child Health Site's charity partners, who use the funds to: distribute vitamin A, strengthening young immune systems and improving resistance to disease. Vitamin A supplementation also prevents as many as 400,000 cases of childhood blindness each year, administer oral re-hydration formula to children with severe dehydration, a serious killer of children under five worldwide, make a prosthesis (usually a foot or a leg) to enable child amputees to walk and lead active lives, restore lost eyesight through simple surgeries that reverse blindness caused by cataracts and trachoma, test pregnant mothers for HIV as a step toward preventing mother-to-child transmission of the AIDS virus."  
Donate-for-Free American Red Cross 
"2 cents per click - Our sponsors will donate to the American Cross on your behalf."  
Ecology Fund Free Donation Site 
Here is a click-a-day site where you can save virgin land from development. Start your own group and watch your acreage climb!  
Feed a Hungry Child: Donate FREE Food Now! 
"When you click on our sponsor's banner... a spoonful of food will be donated to children in need!."  
Help with Clicks 
"'Help with Clicks' ist eine kleine Internet-Initiative, die von zwei Leuten begonnen wurde und sich mitterweile zu einem Verein weiterentwickelt hat. Wir wollen auf unseren Seiten Informationen zur Verfügung stellen, die jeden von uns für die Situation der Menschen in der sog. 'Dritten Welt' sensibilisieren sollte."  
Hunger Fighters 
"Daily clicks donate three cups of free food to fight hunger."  
Hunger Site 
A click-a-day helps to feed the hungry!  
Por Los Chicos 
"Mas de 2,000,000 de chicos se despiertan con hambre en Argentina Ayundanos a construir una nueva realidad donando solo un par de segundos por dia."  
Rainforest Site 
A click-a-day buys rainforest for preservation.  
Red Jellyfish Free Donation Site 
Save Rainforest! Feed Chimps! A fun click-a-day site!  
Youth Noise 
"Click to help the Kids Matter Project give care packages to homeless kids and teens."  
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