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Fishing in Orange County, California

Clark Regional Park 
"An excellent choice for a picnic, fishing or a game of tennis. Be sure to visit the interpretive center where fossils of prehistoric plants and animals, which once inhabited Orange County, are on exhibit.... Ralph B. Clark Regional Park is nestled at the foot of the Coyote Hills. The 105 acre property extends north and south of Rosecrans Avenue with the softball complex. The park lands range from large open grass areas, to gently rolling hills of native plants, to shear sandstone cliffs to the north."  Buena Park
Franko's Maps of Orange County & Vicinity 
Surfing? Biking? Hiking? Fishing? Exploring? Boating? Franko's Maps have long been a staple of OC Locals! Franko's Map of Orange County Surfing, Franko's Map of San Diego Surfing, Franko's Map of Orange County Trails, Franko's Trail Map of Santa Ana Mountains & Chino Hills, Franko's Trail Map of Big Bear, Franko's Poster of Big Bear, Franko's Map of South Coast Wilderness (Laguna Beach Wilderness), Franko's Diving Map of Santa Catalina Islands, Franko's Diving Map of Channel Islands, Franko's Diving Map of Orange County Coast, Franko's Diving Map of San Diego Coast, Franko's Diving Map of Los Angeles Coast, Franko's La Jolla Shores Fish Card, Franko's HMCS Yukon Deck Plan & Fish Identifier, Franko's Channel Islands Mini Map & Kelp Forest Creatures, Franko's Avalon Underwater Park & Kelp Forest Creatures, Franko's Map of Catalina's Two Harbors & Fish Identification Card, Franko's Map of Santa Catalina Island, Franko's Map of Channel Islands, Franko's Map of San Diego County Coast, Franko's Map of Orange County Coast, Franko's Map of Los Angeles County Coast, Franko's Map of Newport Harbor & Upper Newport Bay,  Corona
Huntington - Sunset Beach 
"Located in close proximity to large centers of population, Sunset beach draws thousands of visitors annually. Its 45 acre beach, approximately 627 space parking lot, public restrooms and playground combine to provide visitor accommodations."  Huntington Beach
Irvine Lake 
"A quiet, scenic fishing lake nestled at the base of the Cleveland National Forest. Santiago Creek feeds the 750 acre lake that features steep rocky cliffs, shallow coves, deep creek channels, submerged high spots, ovehanging trees and provides excellent fishing and family park enviroment. A Fishing License is not required.... The Irvine Company and the Serrano Irrigation District (today known as the Serrano Water District) began construction on the Irvine Lake dam in 1929. The construction was completed and the lake was filled in 1931. In the early 1930's Irvine lake was stocked with largemouth bass, catfish, and panfish prior to opening to the public in 1941. Today, Serrano Water District provides drinking water to Villa Park and some parts of the City of Orange.... Fish Species : * Trout (Rainbow, Brook, Brown and "California Golden") * Largemouth Bass (Northern and Florida) * Catfish (Blue and Channel) * Crappie * Bluegill * Redear Sunfish * Sturgeon"  Silverado
Kayak Fishing Sport 
Holds fishing classes at Irvine Lake. "Kayak Fishing Sport is a 'How To Kayak Fishing website' teaching you how to kayak fish. A kayak fishing resource specializing in working with experienced kayak fishermen, women and novice anglers that have never kayak fished before. Fishermen and women interested in learning methods in freshwater kayak fishing or saltwater kayak fishing. A kayak fishing resource directory of links on kayak paddle shops, tackle shops, fishing Magazines & News papers, kayak fishing tournaments , weather links, kayak Fishing School and guide service to aid you in finding the right kayak fishing information. Kayak Fishing Sport truly is your freshwater kayak fishing and saltwater kayak fishing head quarters loaded with kayak tips, book fishing tips, product reviews, kayak fishing rigging tips, and photo contests. Even offering kayak fishing lessons to beginners or experienced fishermen and women willing to travel to my local waters in California."  Simi Valley
Laguna - Aliso Beach 
"Aliso Beach Park features sandy beaches, rocky promontories, and scenic coastal foothills. These geological features combine to form one of the most recreationally appealing areas along the entire California coast. The park consists of two sections, the beach itself and an inland area surrounded by native coastal chaparral. Aliso Creek winds its way down from the Laguna foothills and empties into the sea. A marine life refuge borders to the north and south, rocky outcroppings clearly mark the park boundary. These features plus the congenial Southern California climate make Aliso Beach Park an ideal place to visit."  Laguna Beach
Laguna - Crystal Cove Beach 
"Crystal Cove State Park has 3.5 miles of beach and 2,000 acres of undeveloped woodland, which is popular for hiking and horseback riding. The offshore waters are designated as an underwater park. Crystal Cove is used by mountain bikers inland and scuba and skin divers underwater. The beach is popular with swimmers and surfers. Visitors can explore tidepools and sandy coves. Crystal Cove offers sand and surf, rocky reefs, ridges and canyons - plus recreational opportunities - that appeal to everybody. State Park Rangers conduct nature hikes in the winter. The park features three miles of Pacific coastline, plus wooded canyons, open bluffs, and offshore waters designated as an underwater park. Crystal Cove is not just used by people who enjoy water related activities, such as swimming, surfing, sunbathing, scuba and skin diving, but also people who like to fish, mountain bike and hike. The great expanse upland, north and east of the Pacific Coast Highway is for hikers, who can follow hillside and canyon trails to campsites that allow visitors to feel they are "away from it all," despite being near one of the greatest population centers in the United States."  Laguna Beach
Newport - Santa Ana River Mouth 
Fishing & Surfing, but watch out for the pollution after it rains! Lifeguards.  Newport Beach
Newport Landing Sportfishing 
SPORT FISHING - OPEN PARTY BOATS: Ocean fishing trips fishing Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Catalina Island, San Clemente Island, and Outer Banks. SPORT FISHING - DAY CHARTER BOATS: Deep Sea Fishing charter boats for private charter or rental, fishing Catalina Island and from Long Beach to Oceanside. SPORT FISHING - OVERNIGHT CHARTER BOATS: Saltwater fishing trips fishing Catalina Island, San Clemente Islands, and the Outer Banks. DAILY FISH COUNT: See What's Biting results posted daily. HOT-BITE INFO: Register for Email Notification of when The Hot Bite Is On !!! MARINE WEATHER FORCAST: Inshore & Offshore - Wind, Weather, and Sea Conditions. PICTURE GALLERY: Get your picture on our Web Site - See samples of the catch/ MEET THE CAPTAINS & STAFF: Experienced Licensed Professionals, courteous and eager to get you hooked up. TACKLE SHOP: Saltwater Rod & Reel Rentals - Fully stocked tackle shop for all your fishing needs. GALLEY: Snacks, Sodas,Cold Beer, Hot and Cold Food (we can cook too). DISCOUNTS. WHALE WATCHING CRUISES AND TOURS: To view Grey Whales, Dolphin, and all types of ocean marine life. CHRISTMAS PARADE:100 Year Traditional Christmas Boat Parade.  Newport Beach
Newport Pier Beach 
Fishing & Surfing. Lifeguards.  Newport Beach
Quietman Kayak Fishing Pro 
"Want to spend a day with a Pro? Call, email, or snail mail me and set up your fishing date. You can use your own stuff or I can provide most everything you need to have a great day kayak fishing on the water, fresh or salt. I always give a 110%, black belt effort, and will do my best to make sure that you come away with great memories, pictures, video, fish and perhaps most important some great new ideas about kayak fishing... Hi, I'm John Roe, also known as the Quietman, my nickname since I was a teen, from the 1952 movie The Quietman starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. I am a Professional Martial Artist by trade, but an avid fisherman since I was 4 years old. I grew up in Orange County, fishing surfing and scuba/skin diving all up and down the coast from Santa Barbara to Baja, and a lot in Baja... Since the 1970's I would fish the big water's edge from my Dad's, then later my, 12.5 foot plastic sears Game-fisher skiff, which ironically was the same length as my primary kayak is now! What is neat for me is that the fishing we do now from the kayaks is exactly the same, with the same surf entries and exits, fish targeted, methods used to catch them, places we fish, etc. that I grew up doing, except that the modern SOT kayak makes all this much easier and more convenient than in the old days, not to mention with scuppers I don't get swamped anymore!"  Laguna Hills
Keith Weber
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