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Dance Entertainment Troupes Companies in Orange County, California

Arpana Dance Company 
Dance Company, and School of Dance. "BHARATA NATYAM, the classical Indian dance form is a combination of the arts of the stage, music, poetry, color and rhythm. Such a rich cultural tradition requires years of discipline, both mental and physical, hard work and dedication. RAMYA HARISHANKAR brings to Bharata Natyam all these qualities enhanced by vigorous training under the best gurus: the late Swamimalai K. Rajaratnam who followed the traditional Vazhuvoor style and was renowned for his musical and choreography skills and Kalanidhi Narayanan, one of the finest exponents and teachers of the art of Abhinaya, the art of expressing emotions. With over two decades of training, Harishankar combines the elegance, grace and suppleness of the Vazhavoor School with the distinctive ability to express all shades of emotion with sensitivity and intuition."  Irvine
Balboa Performing Arts Theater Foundation 
"The Balboa Theater will be an artistic jewel on the Balboa Peninsula where audiences will enjoy superlative performances of theater, musical theater, dance, classical and jazz music, cinema and children's programs. With an audience capacity of 350 and a beautiful state-of-the-art proscenium stage, the Balboa Theater will attract audiences who value the intimacy and atmosphere of a small venue supported by the highest standards of technology in sound and light equipment."  
Eclectic Orange Festival 
Runs January thru June. "An annual festival of music and ideas, Eclectic Orange is a project of The Philharmonic Society of Orange County. Eclectic Orange Festival celebrates the eclectic nature of our cultural landscape. Ideas meet and mingle, classical arts are refreshed and renewed, contemporary art flourishes, while all of the world's cultures are treated with honor.... The Philharmonic Society of Orange County is grateful to the following organizations and sponsors for their support of the 2005 Ecletic Orange Festival: Irvine Barclay Theatre, Laguna Playhouse, Newport Beach Public Library Foundation, Orange County Museum of Art, Orange County's Pacific Symphony, Orange County Performing Arts Center, Pacific Chorale, UCI Beall Center for Art & Technology"  Irvine
Silk Islands 
"Silk Islands is an Orange County, California based entertainment group that specializes in creating exciting stage performances that have a unique blend of vocal and dance from Techno-Latin and Polynesian influences. With itís goal to be on top of the trend, we merge modern culture of Latin- techno, with the influences of Tahitian, Hawaiian / Hula, and Middle Eastern cultures. Modern trends will be heard in the remix music by top DJs, seen in the original designs of costume and captivated by unique choreography. Our lineups of entertainers showcase a talented mixture of Asian, Happa, Eurasian beauties and our performers come from various dance and modeling backgrounds. Also, Silk Islands exclusively represents SLK Entertainment, which is the first to produce female dancers who are featured singers and recording artists. Silk Islands also heads itís own booking agency, with award winning Polynesian productions. We have an excellent lineup of belly dancers, hip hop / Jazz dancers, singers, musicians, ethnic drummers and fire dancers... Children's Polynesian Dance Lessons! Beautiful Island Dances and Aloha Spirit for the Young. Ages 6-13... Adult's Polynesian Belly Dancercise! Strengthen legs and stomuch. Exercise was never this Fun!... Mommy & Me! Learn dance routines for Mom and Daughter pairs... Rising Star Voice Less! Learn fundamental singing techniques by CD release artist."  Fountain Valley
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