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Public High Schools in Orange County, CA

Newport Harbor High School 
Newport-Mesa Unified School District. "Newport Harbor High School, founded in 1930, is proud of its rich tradition as an institution for scholars and champions. Since 1996, the school time schedule has featured a block schedule to support in-depth learning and personalization of our curriculum. The campus includes more than 80 regular classrooms, a library, an aquatics sports complex, football stadium, two gymnasiums, five computer labs, and fully equipped science labs. The campus is presently being modernized, with all classrooms and buildings being brought up to twenty-first century standards. Newport Harbor is committed to providing an outstanding instructional program to all students. We offer three academies, which encourage students to explore areas of personal interest within the curriculum. For the students interested in a future career related to math, science or technology, the DaVinci program offers a science focused interdisciplinary program. The Magellan program focus is on themes of liberal arts and international studies. The Franklin Academy focuses on central themes in communications, technology and business accounting Newport Harbor High School has been recognized as an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) National Certified School. AVID is a special program designed to prepare students for admission to four-year universities and colleges. Additionally, we seek to personalize the learning experience of all freshmen by placing them in a Freshman Seminar course if they choose not to enroll in an academy or in AVID. Supported by parents and community contributions, tutoring is available after school and in evenings in all subjects."  Newport Beach
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