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Kids Children Youth Educational Camps in Orange County, California

A+ Ability Plus K-8 School 
Kindergarten through 8th Grade. "Ability Plus is a Private School that teaches from the viewpoint that the data being taught is for students to use in life, not just to memorize and pass a test. Getting marks of 'A' is a useless action unless the student can then apply what was studied to improve his life or the lives of others. At Ability Plus we expect and maintain a high standard of achievement from our students in all the basics such as reading, writing, math, phonics, history, science and the arts. Each student is given an individualized program that aligns with the child’s own educational and personal goals. Their interests are fostered and they are taught how to become responsible and actively involved in their education, thus making sure they do succeed. Because of our high standards, children who transfer from other schools to our school are given a thorough, individual analysis and program which addresses any and all areas of their education that may have been missed or might need to be filled in. At Ability Plus, the students master their subjects 100% before moving on to a higher level. When students are held to that standard, their overall progress is faster because they don’t have confusions from their earlier studies."  Tustin
Acacia College Preparatory Academy 
Elementary, Jr. High & High School. "Our primary purpose and focus is to develop the God-given humanity of young people by building their character and equipping them with the ability to be fully useful to the Lord and society. The Acaciawood motto, 'Strong in Character, High in Standard', best expresses this philosophy. We believe that a strong character is the foundation for all lasting human success and accomplishment. Our hope is that by using various tools we can train and develop the character and morality of our students and inspire them to attain to their highest potential, thereby producing young people prepared and equipped to meet life's challenges. The primary tool we use to develop character is demanding academic rigor. This serves to train the mind, teach goal setting and achievement, diligence in work ethic, and perseverance to attain high standards of personal development. Acaciawood also uses the AGATE Society, academic competitions, extra-curricular activities, and athletics to teach character traits and inspire students to excellence. We focus our curriculum on the core subjects. In high school we offer a college preparatory curriculum and honors level course in nearly every discipline. In junior high school we teach study skills in all subjects in conjunction with core material, and we use writing across the curriculum to enhance the comprehension and articulation of learned subject matter in all courses." Has an ESL Summer Camp.  Anaheim
California Junior Lifeguard/Super Surf Camps 
"As we enter our thirteenth exciting season, all of us here would like to thank all of those who have helped make us one of the most popular summer programs in Southern California. We here at California Junior Lifeguard Programs and Super Surf Camps are dedicated to providing our participants with the best instruction in ocean safety, lifeguarding skills and surfing instruction. Our junior lifeguard instructors are professionals in the areas of ocean safety and related activities. Our surfing instructors are world-class surfers and have extensive experience in instruction for all surfing ability levels. So please enjoy our site and remember SAFETY FIRST."  Dana Point, Sunset Beach
Eldorado School 
A private school in Orange. From Preschool ("Majelix") thru 12th Grade ("Emerson High"). Awesome music and arts program. Wonderful family atmosphere. Not everyone's cup of tea - very down-to-earth - but those who fit swear by it. Owned and operated by Dr. Glory Ludwick.  Orange
Girls Incorporated® 
"Our Mission: Girls Incorporated® of Orange County is committed to helping girls develop the values and skills they need to become confident, productive and responsible adults. "  Costa Mesa
Mission San Juan Capistrano Summer Camps 
Mission San Juan Capistrano offers a variety of entertaining, hands-on summer camps for children. Each is designed to teach children about Mission and California history.... The following camps will be held in 2006: Beginning Clay Summer Camp: Students will learn to express themselves artistically while learning about early California pottery, both indigenous and European. Students will learn how to make pinched pots, coiled pots, decorative tiles, primitive statues, as well as how to glaze their work. Mission Matters Camp: Ron Bauer will lead children in hands-on craft making and tasks focusing on skills of the Mission and Rancho Eras. Students will learn how to make candles and soap out of tallow, rope making and knot tying, as well as hide branding. Camp Discovery at Mission San Juan Capistrano: Enjoy a fun-filled, educational week (or two) of the science behind and inside the beautiful Mission San Juan Capistrano. Discovery Science Center is teaching Science on a Mission Camp and Science Sleuths Camp for 7 to 10 year old campers at the Mission San Juan Capistrano this summer. In addition, the Science Center is teaching Summer Smiles for 5 and 6 year old campers. Science on a Mission Camp: Embark on a scientific mission to unearth the secrets of the past. Explore the history and restoration of the jewel of San Juan Capistrano, experiment with building designs and materials that strengthen structures, make gooey slime and more. Enjoy this fun-filled, educational week of the science behind and inside the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Science Sleuths at the Mission: Open your eyes to a whole new world! Experience our StarLab planetarium. Uncover the mysteries of the universe as your investigations take you from the microscopic level of fingerprints and fossils to the telescopic wonders of the stars. Explore the animals of the past, make a rubber ball, and much, much more! Summer Smiles at the Mission: It’s never too early to learn about science! Investigate butterfly wings and bug antennae using microscopes. Experiment with ooey, gooey concoctions. Take apart owl pellets. Examine real fossils and make a fossil imprint to take home. Create a comet. And best of all, parents ~ this program will strengthen what your kids are learning in school. Indian Summer Camp: Journey’s to the Past educator, Jacque Nunez presents a camp that celebrates culture, diversity, and California’s heritage. Imagine Journeying back in time when people lived in harmony with Mother Earth and learning about Native American cultures and lifestyles from early southern California. Children will learn to be keepers of the Earth through sound environment practices and learn skills that the Native California Indians used, such as stomping mud for Adobe making, scrubbing gourds for rattles, drilling shells for necklaces, and pounding yucca for string are just a few crafts that will create a special memory for your child. Intermediate Clay Summer Camp: For the first time Mission San Juan Capistrano is offering an intermediate ceramics camp. In this camp, students will learn the basic fundamentals of wheel thrown pots, free hand vases, making sculptures, statues, and heads. Gold Rush: What was the trail of our California Gold Rush like and who were the Native Americans that the Pioneers encountered across the country? Children will experience arrowhead making, carding wool, making friendship bracelets, panning for gold, making biscuits, playing Pioneer and Native American games, and authentic Native American dancing."  San Juan Capistrano
Ocean Institute 
"The Ocean Institute has become nationally known for its hands-on marine science, environmental education and maritime history programs. More than 78,000 K-12 students and 6,000 teachers annually participate in the Institute's 61 award-winning, immersion style programs. To learn oceanography and science, students voyage onto the ocean to feel and taste the salty sea spray, sort through live specimens, observe migrating whales and collect scientific data. To learn maritime history and literature, students spend an entire night aboard the brig Pilgrim - each student hauling lines, hoisting sails, standing night watch and swabbing decks. The Ocean Institute utilizes the following teaching facilities: * Science Facility - two laboratories with touchtanks and scientific teaching aids * R/V Sea Explorer - research vessel with oceanographic teaching equipment * Spirit of Dana Point - topsail schooner for at-sea programs * Pilgrim - brig for "immersion" living history programming * Historic Maritime Center - hands-on teaching facility * Dana Point Marine Life Refuge - on-site natural intertidal ecosystem of eight acres * Ocean in Motion - mobile lab for visiting classrooms and special-needs programming * Lazy W Ranch - residential camp in the Cleveland National Forest for overnight science and California history programs * Videoconferencing Studio - studio for distance learning programming On the weekends we open our doors to give you and your family a unique experience that will make a lasting impression. Like our programs for students, our public programs are designed to captivate, educate, and inspire. Ocean Institute members enjoy discounts on public programs, on gift and book store purchases, and free admittance to regularly scheduled weekend public programs in the Ocean Education Center.... Journey aboard a 70-foot floating laboratory with five distinct teaching areas fully equipped with video microscopes, touch tanks, viewing aquariums, and state-of-the-art electronics. Come see the gray whales as they migrate past Dana Point or come "after-hours" for our bioluminescence night cruise!... Come sail the Institute's 118-foot historic tallship. Spirit of Dana Point is a full size replica of a Baltimore clipper schooner. Year 'round sails - don't miss our famous cannon battle cruises!... Symbol of Dana Point, the Pilgrim is a full size replica of the hide brig immortalized by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. in his American seafaring classic novel Two Years Before the Mast. Most Sundays the historic tallship Pilgrim hosts an 'Open House' for the public. The Pilgrim also hosts a variety of dramatic and musical maritime theatrical performances during the summer months. Families and individuals of all ages are invited to come aboard and learn more about our unique nautical heritage."  Dana Point
Turtle Rock Private Preschool 
"Our school is developmentally oriented with primary emphasis on the individual child. Our classrooms are center-based with new activities planned regularly. Rooms are designed so that children have numerous choices within an environment of maximum learning. Our teachers act primarily as facilitators encouraging a strong partnership between the home and school. The Infant & Toddler Program is enhanced by a low child to staff ratio to provide special care at this young age. The Preschool Program is tailored to the varying skill levels in children age 2 1/2 through age 5. Activities are designed to be multi-level so all children can experience success. The Private Kindergarten Program follows a strong academic curriculum in a developmental enviroment. Thanks to the small child to staff ratio and extended hours, children get individual attention and one on one interaction with staff. They have a wonderful experience with hands on programs that are enriched by computers and foreign language. When they graduate, they move on with confidence to shine and integrate with the Unified School District. The Extended Day Enrichment Program for school age children compliments their regular school program and enriches their growth and development from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Summer Camp Program is offered to provide a high quality summer experience for kindergarten and elementary age children. (5 to 10 years old.)"  Irvine
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