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Country Music, Musicians, Bands in Orange County, California

Anna Marie 
"It all started in the summer of 1991. . My parents purchased tickets to attend a Judd's Concert. I was very excited but had no idea the impact that this one show would have on my life. After seeing the mother-daughter combination put on an awesome show, I knew that this was what I wanted. I was going to play guitar and entertain anyone who would listen. After a year of begging my parents for a guitar, they finally bought me an old classical guitar and scheduled my first guitar lesson. Four years later I started singing at local open mic nights in town, and singing every Friday and Saturday night during my high school days. I also joined my high school's Swing Band. I took every chance I had to perform. I began writing my own material and eventually invited my sister-in-law, Tina Michelle to sing.... I now have established my band, a great group of accomplished musicians, songwriters and singer. I have played for such acclaimed artist as The Oakridge Boys, Billy Vera & The Beaters, The Nelson, Sally Taylor, Ty Herndon and Hal Ketchum. Music is in my blood, it will never go away. I write about what I feel, see and know is real. I set out to take my audience on an emotional roller coaster. One that will leave them wanting more...I hope you enjoy my website. "  
Greg Serrato 
"Greg Serrato is an electric guitarist / vocalist residing in Ontario, California. Signed on the J-Bird Records label, his 1998 & 1999 releases 'Child Of The Blues' & 'Holy Smokes' have been reviewed by some of the most popular publications in the world. Serrato is known for his versatility as a writer, guitarist and vocalist. His brand of music Covers a wide variety of styles from Traditional Blues, Contemporary Blues, Blues Rock, Swing, Jump Blues, Latin, Jazz and Country Blues. He is regarded by as one of the most talented Blues Rock Guitarists in the world today. A result of his scorching guitar work and fiery performances."  
Grove of Anaheim 
A medium size venue with top-flight acts - next to Angel Stadium.  Anaheim
"The X-CASSIDYS formed by fusing the successful L.A. band Star Thirteen with members of the Downtown Popular (Orange County). The band focuses on writing unique, upbeat, original, material with melodic hooks and a tight foundation. The members include the infectious vocal talents of: Dave Harris: Guitar / Vocals, the creative fretwork of Steve Weatherby: Guitar & the heavy solid backbone of Austin 'Fluffy' Johnson: Bass & Brian Willie: Drums."  
Keith Weber
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