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Family & Marriage Counseling in Orange County, California

FACES Family Assessment Counseling 
F.A.C.E.S. Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide the community with general counseling services for individuals and families. These services include identifying and assessing problems, offering educational services in the area of parenting classes, anger management, and conflict resolution. F.A.C.E.S. gives families what they need: the compassion and respect and education to get through difficult life transitions. At F.A.C.E.S., children are the focus. Parents who cannot talk, learn to communicate for the sake of the children, and for children to grow up in safer environments.  Fullerton, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Santa Ana
A Balanced Life Therapy 
"Do you want to make your life more wonderful? Sometimes life just doesn't go the way we planned? We all have patterns that work against us -- and these patterns show up most readily in our close relationships. The good news is our pain points to where we can become more conscious and heal. Jane Myers Drew Ph.D. will help you look at your patterns and find satisfying ways to meet your needs. She works with individuals, couples and families to experience the joy in living and in relating. Jane Myers Drew, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, has twenty-five years of experience as a therapist and workshop presenter. She specializes in relationships and communication. She is author of Where Were You When I Needed You, Dad? A Guide to Healing Your Father Wound, Show Me How to Love You and Breakthroughs and Blessings in Dating. She has been interviewed extensively on television and radio. She has trained over 3,000 psychotherapists all around the country as a faculty member of the American Healthcare Institute."  Newport Beach
Carol Ummel Lindquist, Ph.D. 
Author of Happily Married with Kids: It's Not a Fairy Tale, a manual for families. "Learn how to be in the 33% of couples who grow closer and happier after kids. Avoid being in the 67% who are much more unhappy or divorce.... Dr. Lindquist has been in private practice for over 20 years as a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Lindquist says: 'I enjoy working with couples and individuals. I am probably most well known for working with high conflict and violent couples and treatment of trauma.... Due to my teaching and additional training, I am thoroughly familiar with several models for working with couples. My therapeutic model most closely resembles that of Bader and Pearson on the developmental stages in couple relationships. My couples work matches the developmental needs of the relationship. I integrate the techniques from the research of John Gottman and Howard Markman as well.'"  Laguna Beach
Casa Youth Shelter 
"Casa Youth Shelter's mission is to provide temporary shelter and counseling services to runaways and youth in crisis, enabling them to come through the crisis with increased personal strength and a sense of renewal while in a supportive environment, with family reunification as the primary goal. * Casa is one of only 2 youth shelters serving the Greater Long Beach Metropolitan area as well as one of only 2 in Orange County. * Casa has 12 beds and provides shelter to approximately 200 youth per year. * Casa provides temporary shelter for up to 2 weeks to adolescents, ages 12-17, who are runaway, homeless, or at risk of becoming runaway or homeless. * Many of the youths who come to Casa have suffered from abuse. Last fiscal year we filed child abuse reports on behalf of kids who were physically abused (50%), sexually abused (17%), and who suffered from neglect or abandonment (20%). * A primary goal at Casa is to help each child reunite with family if such reunification will not threaten the safety of the child. To help accomplish this goal, Casa utilizes an extensive counseling program that includes 3-4 sessions of family therapy each week as well as 2-3 sessions of group counseling and/or educational classes each day. * After Care family counseling is provided, ideally for 2-3 months following a child's departure from the shelter. * Parenting classes are also provided to the parents of residents as well as to the community at large. * Casa hosts a youth leadership program for high school students. This program is called Youth Development Program (YDP)"  Los Alamitos
Keith Weber
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