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Anger Management Counselling in Orange County, California

FACES Family Assessment Counseling 
F.A.C.E.S. Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to provide the community with general counseling services for individuals and families. These services include identifying and assessing problems, offering educational services in the area of parenting classes, anger management, and conflict resolution. F.A.C.E.S. gives families what they need: the compassion and respect and education to get through difficult life transitions. At F.A.C.E.S., children are the focus. Parents who cannot talk, learn to communicate for the sake of the children, and for children to grow up in safer environments.  Fullerton, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Santa Ana
A Balanced Life Therapy 
"Do you want to make your life more wonderful? Sometimes life just doesn't go the way we planned? We all have patterns that work against us -- and these patterns show up most readily in our close relationships. The good news is our pain points to where we can become more conscious and heal. Jane Myers Drew Ph.D. will help you look at your patterns and find satisfying ways to meet your needs. She works with individuals, couples and families to experience the joy in living and in relating. Jane Myers Drew, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, has twenty-five years of experience as a therapist and workshop presenter. She specializes in relationships and communication. She is author of Where Were You When I Needed You, Dad? A Guide to Healing Your Father Wound, Show Me How to Love You and Breakthroughs and Blessings in Dating. She has been interviewed extensively on television and radio. She has trained over 3,000 psychotherapists all around the country as a faculty member of the American Healthcare Institute."  Newport Beach
AJ Novick Group 
"The AJ Novick Group offers Stress and Anger Management Classes for adults, adolescents, corporate executives, managers, couples, and individuals. Anger Management is quickly becoming one of the most recognized methods for effectively helping individuals learn to manage and control anger, stress, hostility and aggression as well as increase awareness in skills that can produce more positive outcomes. Anger is a normal human emotion; however, if it is not expressed appropriatly it can have devastating and lasting affects on relationships. We offer weekly anger management classes, home study programs, weekend workshops, training, and much more. We also offer classes and programs for employees as well as on-site trainings for your company or organization. Workplace aggression costs companies millions of dollars every year. Anger managment is a cost savings intervention. In addition, please see our selection of highly effective home study programs and accelerated workshops on the weekends. Our classes focus on skills in assertive communication, judgment an impulse control, stress management, empathy and emotional awareness, forgiveness, expectation management and anger control techniques."  Laguna Beach
Anger News Blog 
Anger management blog: "Tony Fiore, Ph.D. is a California licensed Psychologist and certified anger management professional. Ari Novick, M.A. has a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and is also a certified anger management professional. As partners in Century Anger Management, they bring many years of experience to the field of anger management and training." See also: Century Anger Management.  
The AngerCoach - Dr. Fiore & Associates 
"Dr Fiore & Associates, LLC is a company with a mission to provide anger and stress management solutions for individuals, couples, companies, facilities, agencies, and EAPs. Dr Fiore is a certified Anger Management Provider by the National Anger Management Assocation. In addition to providing services directly to clients, his company, in partnership with Century Anger Management, provides Certified anger management professinal training for mental health professionals, substance abuse professionals, law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, and pastoral professionals. Tony Fiore, Ph.D., Program Director, is a California licensed psychologist( Lic # PSY 6670), marriage therapist, and personal coach with clinical practices in Long Beach and Orange, California. He is a Diplomate of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), and a Fellow in The American Institute of Stress. Tony often speaks to groups and organizations on stress and anger management as well as providing four and eight hour programs for company retreats, treatment program staff, organizations, and agencies."  Orange
Century Anger Management 
"Century Anger Management exists to help individuals like you—citizens who otherwise go through life without desire to harm others—avoid the tragic consequences of uncontrolled anger. Anger is controllable. You can change how you respond to angry situations. You don’t have to continue to risk your emotional, financial, and physical life. You don’t have to risk hurting your loved ones. Century Anger Management specializes in helping individuals with anger problems develop the resources they need to handle their anger before it gets out of control. We offer a variety of anger management publications, workshops, and consultations. We help corporations help their employees and managers to work together, rather than at cross-purposes." See also: Anger News Blog.  
Marc Bock, D.C., Ph.D. 
"Licensed Psychologist, PSY13409 Specializing in Anger Management * Individuals and Couples * Domestic Violence * Conflict Resolution * Physical Consequences of Anger * Improvement of Relationships * Men’s Issues"  Huntington Beach
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