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TaskMan Consulting
Simple eWaste Electronics Recycling

Business Software Consultants in Orange County, California

TaskMan Consulting 
TaskMan Industrial Consulting has served small business clients in the LA/OC/IE areas for over 25 years. Business startup consulting, web strategy consulting, and computer automation consulting. Owner and operator of Call (562) 888-2999 or e-mail  
CPS Commercial Programming Systems, Inc. 
"Commercial Programming Systems, Inc (CPS), is an Information Technology Services company offering a broad range of services aimed at helping our clients deliver high quality cost-effective systems. Whether you need staffing, consulting, or project help, CPS has the expertise to help you get the job done on time and within budget.... we strive to work with only the top 20% of consultants and clients. While we are prepared to recruit Information Technology and Internet professionals for any industry, we specialize in the following industries: Education Entertainment Financial Government Healthcare Insurance... CPS was the first firm in Los Angeles to introduce the Lease To Hire concept, which offers employers a risk free trial period for new staff members. Lease To Hire presents managers with a unique opportunity to fully evaluate prospective employees before hiring them permanently. It also gives potential staff members a chance to do the same while remaining secure in their ongoing employment with CPS."  Brea
Keith Weber
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