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Music Composers in Orange County, California

Emil Mijares Musical Services 
"Emil B. Mijares - Piano, keyboards, midi, composer, arranger. I provide music for all kinds of shows, gigs and any kind of occasion. I do Jazz, R&B, Standards, Latin etc. I can play using my midi setup by myself or if need be, I can put together some musicians depending on the needs stipulated. I can come and play for your gig either by myself, using my midi equipment or if need be, I can assemble the necessary musicians needed to fulfill your needs. I have been in the music industry as an instrumentalist, composer and arranger for more than four decades now and in two countries. The joy of expressing myself to appreciative audiences never ceases to inspire me. I have had the awesome privilege of playing alongside some of the very best: Nat King Cole, Teddy Edwards, Hannibal Marvin Peterson among others and my Filipino compatriots, the late Bobby Enriquez, Pete Aristorenas, Angel Pena, Romy Katindig, Lito Molina and many, many others (none of them any less). Please check out all the features of this Website and should you wish me to participate in your gigs (i.e. shows, recordings, jingles, parties, business functions, club dates etc), you may contact me through the info provided...." Alternate phone number 714-826-4030.  Anaheim
Keith Weber
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