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Comedy in Orange County, California

Bill Word's Killer Komedy 
According to About Bill Word: "Bill has extensive experience both as a stand-up comic and as a producer. He was a featured performer on ABC's America's Funniest People. He has appeared on the national T.V. Show Love Connection. Bill has appeared on NBC's Life Moments and the TLC (The Learning Channel) show A Dating Story. Bill has been featured many times in the press.... Bill produces Orange County's Funniest Person Contest, Orange County Comedy Festival and California's Funniest Female Contest held at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach, CA. He is a former member of the sketch comedy and improv troupe An Angry Mob which was featured in the cable T.V. show Toast & Jam. Bill has appeared in the cable T.V. show Food Rules. Bill has appeared in national and local T.V. commercials.... Bill played Semyonov-Pishtchik in the play The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov in Irvine, California. Bill plays Joe the Bartender in the independent movie Rockin' Chair which was featured in the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival which was held in New York City on September 9-19, 1999. Bill is just finish filming the feature The Telemarketers / 36 HRS. Bill plays Raymond. Bill has produced the long running comedy shows at Blue Marble in Costa Mesa, CA, Totally Coffee in Costa Mesa, CA, One-Eyed Parrot in Huntington Beach, CA and with Julie Kidd at Vanilla Caff'e in Orange, CA. Bill is presently producing with a live comedy show at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach, CA." Bill also presents comedy workshops: "You'll receive eight weekly three-hour classes and a 5-10 minute showcase in front of a live crowd! Plus You'll learn: ∑ How to develop your own stage persona. ∑ How to write material that fits your stage persona. ∑ How to gain your audience's attention - and keep it! ∑ The Do's and Don'ts of the comedy business. ∑ How to stop the negative voices in your head. (Exorcism Not Included!) ∑ Where to go for stage time. ∑ How to market yourself. ∑ How comedy will improve your love life (Ha! Ha!)"  
Curtis Theater 
"Located in the Brea Civic & Cultural Center, the 199-seat Curtis Theater offers a variety of entertainment opportunities including fully-staged productions for citizens of all ages and interests. The theater is also available to rent for special performances and meetings.... The Curtis Theatre is celebrating its 25th Anniversary Year this season. The the hit dinner comedy show Tony & Tina's Wedding kicked off the season to packed houses and rave reviews. Don't miss out on the next 'must-see' performance. Buy your tickets now for the entire season and save! The 2005-2006 Curtis Theatre season offers something for everyone--music, comedy, mystery, holiday fun and more! There's nothing like live theatre! Find out for yourself and help us celebrate 25 years of quality entertainment."  Brea
Erik Mackenroth 
"Erik went to college in central California where he majored in performing arts. Erik performed in plays but always wanted to become a comedian. In elementary and high school he used to do talent show where he imitated Rodney Dangerfield. In 1995 Erik got his first show at a bar in Walnut Creek California. He has been doing comedy ever since. Erik moved down to Anaheim C.A. one year later. He is currently performing all around the Southern California area. He has preformed for corporate events, private partyís and tours all around the United States. Erikís comedy style is kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You don't know what he is going to do or say next. His characters, that you might have seen are, Stephen Zachary Solov, the hockey player and Fred, the Iranian boy scout leader. A must see is Erik's celebrity golf tournament. Some of his impressions include Sean Connery, Gilbert Godfry, Ozzy Osbourne, and Robert Shaw. He has headlined, featured and hosted many clubs on the West coast. He was a finalist in Orange County's Funniest Person Contest in 2002. On the TV show Extreme Gong, Erik was a flamingo dancer that stuck live cockroaches down his pants. Erik believes that comedy is comedy, there should be no boundaries as the point is to make people laugh. People should come to a comedy show with an open mind and be ready for anything."  
Julie Kidd - Funny Single Mom 
"Julie Kidd aka funny single mom lampoons the stage with quick comedic observation and likeable sense of delivery. Her show features a crazed perspective of raising 3 bi-racial children single handedly and shares her hilarious insights of her unique family and parenting styles. Julie was most recently crowned finalist in OCís Funniest Comedian Contest and Calif. Funniest Female Contest! The Orange County Register saysÖ 'Kidd is most impressive' As well as being a funny mom, Julie also teaches tap dancing in Orange County and is the creator of Tap-N-Burn, a workout / instructional tap dance video which is currently receiving national recognition."  
Just Us Improv Players 
"The Just Us improvisational comedy troupe is a unique combination of talented individuals with a little different view of the world. Combine a company president, a former Barnum Bailey clown, professional photographers, a specialist in habitat conservation, a professional student, a flight attendant and a consultant and the result is a mixture of talent that provides the catalyst for improv comedy. An important aspect of a Just Us show is audience participation. The audience is involved in every game and scene performed by the troupe. The troupe was formed in January 1997, and has performed together ever since. Just Us has played all the major southern California venues including The Improv, The Ice House and all 3 rooms of The Comedy Store, plus many theaters such as The Chance Theatre, The Trilogy, The Laguna Niguel Playhouse, The Oceanside Theater and The Camino Real Playhouse. You name the place and Just Us has probably played there also, including such wicked locations as: Martini Blues, Club Cohiba, The Well, Club 154, and the Capistrano Swallows."  
Lynn Epstein 
"Lynn Epstein is not a typical 'Female Comic'. Maybe that's why she is able to relate to a broad range of audiences. She can be either spicy or clean but always provocative and feisty. Jeff Jena, Improv Manager noted that she 'quickly captures her audience.' Barry Koltnow of the Orange County Register reported that 'Lynn is most impressive' and she is one of his favorite local comics. Lynn has been making appearances on both coasts. She has performed in NYC and in the Boston Comedy Festival. Last year Lynn was recognized as a Finalist in Orange County's Funniest Person Contest. In addition to appearing in clubs, Lynn has been producing successful comedy events for over 5 years, including one of the longest running rooms in OC.... Her shows boasts national headliners with TV credits. Lynn has hosted and booked comics for private parties, roasts, rock concerts and corporate events."  Laguna Beach
Maverick Standup 
Staged at the Maverick Theater in Fullerton on the last Sunday of each month. Tickets are sold via the Maverick Theater's web site. "Maverick Stand Up's three producers - Tim Shaw, David Marley, and Robert Dadourian - are committed to delivering smart, innovative comedy at a reasonable price. Sick of how commercialized and bland the art form of stand-up comedy has become and unhappy with the dearth of professional-quality venues for up-and-coming comedians in Orange County, they created Maverick Stand Up to provide a platform that affords comics the opportunity to hone their skills in a professional venue while working with seasoned headliners at every show. 'We don't see Maverick Stand Up as a bringer show' says David Marley in reference to comedy clubs who's goal is to fill seats with thirsty customers. 'Our goal is to carefully audition comedians and provide an environment where they can deliver a funny, thought provoking experience for our guests.'"  Fullerton
Maverick Theater 
The Maverick Theater originally opened at The Block at Orange but subsequently moved to downtown Fullerton. Lots of spunk and potential. If you want to be in on the beginning of an up-and-coming theater, you should check them out. Owned by Brian & Heidi Newell. The 2006 Season included: True West, Hamlet, The Graduate, American Way, Cabaret, The King, Giant Green Lizard, Little Shop of Horrors, Night of the Living Dead, and An Animated Christmas Story. 2005 included The Rocky Horror Show, Three Musketeers, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged, and Stalag 17. Also Features Comedy: see Maverick Stand Up, and also catch their Improv Shmimprov show every Friday night at 11 pm: "As an audience member, your suggestions make every night wildly different. If you've seen other improv shows, then you haven't seen us. We're faster, louder, bolder, and cheaper."  Fullerton
OC Crazies 
"The Orange County Crazies has two performing groups: The Main Co., that performs the last Saturday of every month, and the Crazie Beez, that is on stage the third Saturday of every month. The troupe, who performs both sketch and improvisational comedy, is regarded as the premier group of its kind in Orange County. The Crazies also presents a stand up comedy contest the first Saturday of every other month. Concerts are also held on a regular basis. All Crazies productions are staged at the Don Cribb Theater located at The DePietro Performance Center."  
Orange County Comedy Festival 
"Bill Word presents Orange County Comedy Festival held at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach, California - 18 different theme shows. NO FESTIVAL IN 2004... We will be back in 2005" Includes: Asian Comedy Night / Bad Girls Night / East Coast Attitude Night / Funny Mothers Night / Gay and Lesbian Night / Good Girls Night / Hairless Humor Night / Improv-Sketch Comedy Night / Jewish Comedy Night / Latin Comedy Night / Misfits of Comedy Night / Music in Comedy Night / Senior Tour of Comedy Night / Tall & Short of it Night / Urban Comedy Jam Night / Welcome to America Night / "White Guys Can't Joke?" Night / Young Comedian Night.  
Patrick Hanifin 
"Patrick Hanifin is available for conventions, banquets, and private parties. Taking comedy to a new level. Direct from the Improv and Comedy Store in Hollywood Finalist two years in a row in the Los Angeles Comedy Competition Finalist Orange County's Funniest Person Contest Winner California Central Coast Comedy Championships National TV Appearances CLEAN, rich, creative material AKA Saint Patrick"  
Rhonda DeFelice 
"Rhonda began her illustrious career as a fluke. While still in high school in New Castle, PA, she expressed a desire to audition for community theatre. Her parents, thinking she would fail to get the part and therefore lose interest, said sure, go for it. History was made. Rhondaís acting career began in Youngstown, OH, and continues to this day. A short stint in New York City revealed that, well, she looked like every other struggling actress in town. She took off across the country and stopped in California, mostly because she ran out of land. From Bram Stokerís Dracula to Lend Me a Tenor, from Bill Shakespeare to Neil Simon, thereís nothing Rhonda hasnít tackled. She charmed Faire-goers at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, and has tickled audience from PA to CA with various improv troupes. Rhonda always wanted to try stand-up, but it wasnít until 2003 that she got up the nerve to get up there and do it. Itís all about the external validation. Nothing says, 'Hey, you matter,' more than thunderous applause."  
Steve Martin 
Steve Martin grew up in Garden Grove, and, according to the Orange County Register cut his show business teeth at Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. He, like Will Ferrell, attended Santa Ana College. More at Wikipedia and IMDB.  
Terry (The Funny Plumber) Johnson 
"Terry prefers adult audiences and loves to do stand-up comedy, twelve step humor as well as corporate image building. He teaches the large, local, familiar, warm, fuzzy stuff that consumers want from companies and what companies need to do to have the consumer buy from them, again and again. Terry not only performs for but produces benefit shows and fund raisers for clubs and organizations. He currently produces a weekly show 'Comedy in Recovery' at 9:00 PM, every Friday at The Thrift Store, 2230 Colchester, Anaheim, California 92804. His show is known in the comedy industry as the 'Best workout room in Southern California' and that's no crap. [More plumber talk!] Terry and his 82 year old Mother, Jean Chinea, do a wonderful, warm and very funny 'Mother and Son' act with more than 143 years between them and are performing regularly."  Anaheim, Fountain Valley
Vince Harper 
First Place, 2002 Orange County's Funniest Person Contest. "Vince is a native Californian and has been living in Orange County for 28 years. If he still had hair you might recognize him as a regular on American Bandstand back in the mid 70's. Vince comes from a family of nine, he and his brother, his mom and six dads. Father's day is a bitch. Vince and his wife don't have any children. They live in Orange, CA with his mother-in-law and two dogs and they're thinking about having the 3 of them put to sleep. Just kidding, they'll probably keep one of the dogs. Vince has been doing comedy too long to mention and is probably the funniest comic that's never been on TV."  
Wes Martens 
" This whole comedy thing is as much a surprise to me as anyone. I was so shy as a kid I used to hide in the closet when distant relatives came over. The whole crazy journey to standup began when I did a small part in a community theater play that starred my daughter. Since then I have been in a dozen plays including two at the renowned Laguna Playhouse. I even starred as Scrooge in 'A Christmas Carol'. The next stop was the OC Crazies Improv theater. There I met several talented people and in 1998 we created the 'Just Us Improv Players'. 'Just Us' has performed at the Ice House, Comedy Store, Irvine Improv and dozens of private and theatrical venues. You might think all that was enough for any fifty years plus business owner, surfer, hockey player, married father of two. But no, I wanted even more attention. So with expert guidance from nationally known comedian and teacher Jeff Jena I started doing standup comedy. You can catch my act somewhere every week or see me with the 'Just Us' troupe. So where is this all going? Who knows. I have fantasies but not delusions."  
Will Ferrell 
An alumnus of the Santa Ana College TV/Video Communications program, Will Ferrell attended Irvine University High School. His father was a keyboardist for another famous OC act, The Righteous Brothers. More at IMDB and Wikipedia.  
© Keith Weber
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