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ColdFusion Programmers in Orange County, California

Bizware Online Applications 
"Bizware Online Applications is a company of a dozen programmers dedicated to helping businesses migrate desktop applications to the internet. We have been in business in Orange County, CA since 1984, and have fielded over 300 online applications since 1994. We are specialists, software developers who focus on what we know how to do. We are, and we will continue to be, the best-of-breed experts in our field. Compared to our competitors, we are unique in what we do not do: We are not graphics designers. We are not an ad agency. We do not offer email and hosting except to our development clients. We are not an ISP. We do not write desktop software. We do not try to be all things to all people. This allows us to play well with others, to leverage the standards of the internet to solve your problems as a member of your team. We write quality software for online applications, typically as part of your business-to-business supply chain, your sales automation, and your geographic information systems. And we do it on time, under budget, and right the first time."  San Clemente
Orange County ColdFusion Users Group 
Meetings the last Thursday of each month. "The Southern Orange County ColdFusion Users Group (SOCCFUG) is a chapter of the Southern California ColdFusion Users Group (SCCFUG). We are dedicated to helping our members exchange technical and business ideas about database-website connectivity and the effective application of Allaire's ColdFusion software. We meet at the San Clemente Round Table Pizza (949-496-7701) because it's within a few hundred yards of a freeway offramp, easy to find, and has lots of parking. Plus they have good pizza. Take the Estrella exit from the interstate 5 freeway. Go east to the first traffic light, turn right into a parking lot, and it is in front of you."  San Clemente
Keith Weber
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