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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in Orange County, California

Senior Service Solutions 
" The Senior Service Solutions website offers free comprehensive listings of providers of senior services in the Los Angeles, Orange County areas. Senior Service Solutions links you to resources that assist in finding the best solutions for your specific needs. The mission of Senior Service Solutions is to affirm the dignity and self worth of seniors by supplying easy access to services which will aid in enhancing the older adult's quality of life. The goal of this website is to furnish a one-stop focal point for a wide spectrum of services by offering information and referrals that will maintain the dignity and well being of the elder person while being sensitive to the caregiver. Senior Service Solutions supplies worthwhile assistance to help you make the right decision and provide you with the appropriate solutions."  Los Alamitos
10 Acre Ranch 
A drug & alcohol treatment center for men with little or no health insurance coverage. "10 Acre Ranch is a Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol rehab and is Drug Court and Probation Department approved. The social model nature emphasizes learning through 'doing' and 'experiencing' while providing positive role models. Our focus is providing the resident with the opportunity to make positive changes in his lifestyle through behavior modification, with long term drug and alcohol free recovery being the ultimate goal. Our 4000 square foot ranch house facility is the perfect location to begin the recovery process from drugs and alcohol without the confines of a hospital setting. Unlike most inpatient hospital detox facilities and chemical dependency rehabilitation centers, our low cost treatment programs and long term residential rehab offer a warm and cheerful, homelike atmosphere in which the men can experience a sober and drug free functioning lifestyle. They return to the mainstream as responsible alcohol and drug free individuals. Our main rehab facility has only 10 beds, so there's plenty of free time for 'one on one' counseling and nobody slips through the cracks at our low cost alcoholism and drug addiction rehab centers. There is also some free time for recreation and fellowship, because at 10 Acre Ranch Treatment Center we insist on having some fun, too!"  Riverside
Addiction Help Line 
"Do you suffer from drug addiction? If you are interested in a way out, you are in the right place. The Addiction Help Line has numerous addiction recovery resources available and we can provide excellent drug rehab referrals. In addition to the hundreds of drug and alcohol treatment centers nationwide that the Addiction Help Line refers to, we are also able to provide referrals to professional drug interventionists who are experts in addiction interventions. The use of drugs and alcohol will often produce a pattern of conditions recognized as addiction, which include craving for more of the drug, increased physical and emotional tolerance to the drugs, and withdrawal symptoms during periods of abstinence. Addicts and alcoholics are often unable to recognize these symptoms within themselves. The Addiction Help Line can provide you with high quality drug treatment referrals if any of these symptoms present themselves. Whether it is alcohol abuse or dangerous street drugs like cocaine or heroin, drug most drug use involves the risk of dependency. If you or someone you care about is using drugs or is drinking alcoholically, chemical dependency or addiction may already have already taken hold. Choosing a treatment center for yourself or a loved can be one of the most important decisions you ever make. We encourage you to get all the facts and make an informed decision. Drug addiction is treatable and there are literally hundreds of resources at your fingertips that can help you to find recovery. Don't wait any longer. Call today for a drug rehab referral and break free from the chains of addiction."  Newport Beach
Betty Ford Center 
Near Palm Springs. "As a recovering alcoholic woman, I know first hand how alcoholism and drug addiction can affect the lives of families and loved ones. I'm also fortunate to know first hand the power of intervention, the process that took me to the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center where my personal journey of recovery began. Sadly, there is still very little assistance available for those whose lives have been touched by this disease. I am proud to have my name associated with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that offers hope and a special place of healing …the Betty Ford Center."  Rancho Mirage
Chapman House 
"Intervention, Detox, Assessment, Treatment, Psychiatric and psychological disorder treatment Chapman House was founded in 1978. We are a State Licensed and Certified Treatment Program. We are leaders in addressing alcohol, substance abuse and related problems. We pride ourselves with preparing our patients to deal with day-to-day emotional issues. The Chapman House Inpatient Treatment is completely confidential. We have been the program of choice for people who insist on the finest treatment available in the country yet, with fees reasonable enough to receive such treatment. Chapman House has worked with everyone from students to celebrities. Chapman House accepts both men and women & adolescents who suffer from Alcoholism, Chemical Addiction, Sexual Addiction, Eating Disorders or other Psychological Issues. What Sets Chapman House Apart From The Rest? EMOTIONAL SUCCESS! Our Unique 6 - Basic Feelings™ Approach Designed by our founder Tim Chapman, the 6-Basic Feelings theory is what we believe to be the foundation of continued successful recovery. Our 6-Basic Feelings theory takes into account the patient's emotional state. Most treatment programs address an addiction problem exclusively at an educational level, or solely by utilizing a "12 Step" approach. They fail to deal with the emotional aspect of addiction, which is the primary reason a person continues to abuse substances. The 6-Basic Feelings theory is fool proof. It deeply penetrates denial. It holds people accountable and heals emotional wounds while simultaneously enhancing the person's self-esteem! This is the only program of its kind, anywhere!"  Orange
Comeback Treatment Center 
"Comeback Treatment Centers has three California State Licensed and Certified treatment locations in Orange County, California. Just a few miles from Los Angeles Southern California, all of our recovery centers are in quiet, better kept, residential neighborhoods of Anaheim and Garden Grove. CTC recovery homes provide a warm and homelike environment. A family atmosphere, intimate and caring, prevails in each site. The grounds are lush and kept immaculate, and each Home is spacious and spotlessly clean. The bedrooms are large, fully furnished, and accommodate no more than two residents per room. Each Center enjoys a special reputation for the social / therapeutic activities they promote. Social integration is the central theme; whether it is a weekly outdoor barbeque where past Alumni and current residents mix, to living room, fireside 12-step meetings, CTC enjoys a reputation that blends treatment with social development that is very appealing. All throughout CTC’s network of recovery programs, clients will feel the affects of the basic elements of real recovery and healing; family, camaraderie and friendship."  Anaheim
"Detoxtoday was developed by Chapman House in order to provide a safe and comfortable detox from drugs and/or alcohol. We have been striving 27 years to provide our patients the best possible chance for a continual drug and alcohol free life. We help people to detox from Alcohol, Ambien, Ativan, Cocaine, Codeine, Crack, Darvocet, Demerol, Dexedrine, Dilaudid, Ecstasy, Heroin, Hydrocodon, Lortab, Marijuana, Methamphetamin, Methadone, Morphine, Opium, Oxycontin, and all other known drugs that might require detox. Your personalized detox program will be determined and monitored by a key Medical Doctor. Your stay will be in a safe and comfortable environment where you will be in the hands of our highly experienced staff members who will be watching over you 24-hours per day. Your detox will be typically a 7-day process. We are unique because we go above and beyond other detox programs. Some programs offer their patients staff supervision during the initial withdrawal process. Our detox program not only offers ongoing supervision, but also the expertise of a consulting Physician and Psychiatrist who also specialize in detox and addictive medicine. The Physician supports our patient by determining and prescribing the most comfortable detox protocol. The Psychiatrist supports our patient by determining any underlying psychiatric / psychological factors that contribute to the patient’s addiction. This simply doesn’t happen in most treatment programs, particularly at fees as reasonable as ours. Finally, each patient in our detox program is under the direct supervision of a Primary Care Counselor who has Professional Certification in Addiction Counseling. Upon completion of detox, our Treatment Team will discuss the options for a continual recovery plan ranging from inpatient treatment, extended treatment, dual diagnosed treatment, Psychological Testing, one on one treatment, and out-patient treatment."  Orange
Drug Court Alternatives 
"Located in Newport Beach, Orange County California, (close to the communities of Huntington Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa Lagune Beach and the South Coast Metro areas), the Alternatives Program* provides carefully monitored treatment programs for alcoholism and drug addiction recovery. At the same time, we play an important role in alternative sentencing programs and work release throughout California and the U.S., by assisting persons needing support and counseling when confronting serious legal issues, job continuation concerns and family maintenance matters.... The program is a licensed and State Certified, Court and Probation-approved drug and alcoholism treatment facility. We send monthly progress reports and urinalysis results to the courts and probation Departments, upon request.... We offer a Treatment Program for individuals who need a very structured and supportive environment. If you are interested in enrolling in one of our alternative sentencing programs, clearing up your record, and avoiding spending time in jail, don't wait. Call us today. Financing available."  Newport Beach
Hoag Hospital Chemical Dependency Center 
"The Chemical Dependency Center (CDC) at Hoag Hospital strives to achieve excellence in providing a full range of services for those affected by alcohol and other drug addictions. The center offers cost-effective, accessible care through individualized assessment, placement and treatment. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary team approach, CDC provides: Comprehensive medical care including detoxification Education regarding the disease of chemical dependency Group and individual counseling An intensive Family Week program On site 12-step support groups Extensive continuing care Community education and referrals CDC’s goal is to exceed the expectations of all its customer groups, which include patients and their family members, physicians, allied health professionals, payors, hospital staff and the community at large."  Newport Beach
Morningside Recovery 
"Morningside Recovery's goal is to help addicts and alcoholics find the path to success and sobriety. Experience has shown that the longer drug addicts and alcoholics are in a structured sober house setting, the better their chances are at achieving recovery and maintaining sobriety. In addition, a long term recovery process improves one's ability to make positve decisions. It might sound like magic, but that's the way alcoholism and drug addiction recovery works. Sober Living in Orange County, California. Sober living plays a important role in the process of recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism. Morningside Recovery has 18 Sober Living/Transitional Housing Units which provide clean, safe, drug-free environments. Morningside Recovery provides its residents information about local alcoholism and addiction recovery support groups in Orange County, CA. Morningside Recovery does not endorse or support any particular groups or organizations but has found Alcoholics Anonymous(TM) to be helpful for those who attend 4 or more meetings a week."  Newport Beach
New Directions for Women 
"New Directions for Women is a non-profit, residential treatment facility for women with chemical dependency issues. Our program offers a variety of programs that cater to each woman's individual needs. We focus on the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of recovery. Established in 1977... The primary focus at NDFW centers around 'responsible recovery' and long term sobriety. Treatment at NDFW includes a variety of proven programs that teach holistic life and relapse-prevention skills. Ours is an affordable safe haven where women find independence and support, while healing the wounds inflicted by addiction.... Our comprehensive treatment center encompasses chemical dependency, medical and mental health assessments, in addition to a wide array of treatment programs. From the primary program and introduction to 12-step recovery, to outpatient and intermediate living, to aftercare, we tailor the treatment to your individual needs. In addition to our basic 90-day program, we offer many supplemental programs, including work search assistance, family support groups and ongoing clinical assessments for relapse prevention.... Specializing in Treatment for Women A 30-bed treatment facility in a residential setting for women 18 and older A 12-bed residential facility for 6 women and their dependent children Programs include inpatient, day intensive outpatient, work search and intermediate living levels of care in a highly structured, supportive and safe environment. Focus of treatment includes recovery, relapse-prevention and life-management skills. Treatment plans are based on the individual needs of each woman. We acknowledge the need for considering the whole person in the treatment process. Services include chemical dependency education, treatment for dual dependencies, medical and mental health assessments, individual and daily thematic group counseling, family support groups, parenting discussions, anger management, art therapy, recovery planning, introduction to 12-step support groups, career counseling, referrals and resources."  Costa Mesa
Oasis Treatment Center 
"Oasis Treatment Center has developed into one of the most comprehensive cost effective drug and alcohol treatment programs in the country today. Our residential rehabilitation program includes assessments, group therapy, extensive one on one counseling, exercise, recreation therapy, education on addiction and recovery, spiritual and family counseling, relapse prevention, participation in self help groups such as A.A., N.A., and C.A. and free lifetime aftercare and alumni support. So, if you or a loved one are struggling with this paralyzing disease call today for a free assessment and referral. Our outreach staff has extensive personal experience with dependency on alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, and prescription drugs among others."  Anaheim
Orange County Rescue Mission 
Featuring The Village of Hope, The House of Hope, New Life Men's Shelter, Hope Family Housing, The War on Hunger Vehicle, The New Life Medical Clinic, and The Technology Education Vehicle. "Providing hot meals and warm beds to the homeless on the street.... Giving men a pathway to self-sufficiency.... Helping homeless mothers to turn their lives around.... Bringing job training to homeless men and women.... Feeding motel children and homeless families.... Caring for the sick and keeping kids healthy.... Giving families practical help to build a real home.... Keeping families together in life-changing programs.... And that’s just the tip of the iceberg."  Santa Ana
Pacific Park Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment Ctr 
"We have created a village environment where clients reside in two-bedroom, two bathroom apartments that are fully equipped with all the amenities of home: washer and dryer, TV, dishwasher, etc. The facility is located near tennis courts, fitness center with sauna, Jacuzzis, supermarkets, theaters, banking. The village atmosphere encourages group participation and fellowship both in and out of the homes. The therapy component takes place in the treatment center offices located nearby, however recovery support is always immediate, as assigned staff members live in The Village to provide 24-hour supervision. Pacific Park Recovery Center of California is located just minutes from the beautiful Pacific coast beaches. A warm community called Tustin offers a booming economy and many job opportunities for those staying for the extended care component at Pacific Park. Within walking or biking distance are grocery stores, Malls, Universities, and the Orange County Performing Arts Center. Clients have access to recreational facilities for outdoor sports. The closest airport is the Orange County John Wayne Airport, which is only minutes away."  Tustin
Pat Moore Foundation 
"A center for drug abuse treatment and alcohol rehab. Specializing in detox programs for heroin, opiates, prescription drugs, methadone, cocaine, alcohol and other substances. The alcohol rehab and drug abuse treatment programs at Pat Moore Foundation are low-cost, reasonably priced residential treatment and drug detox alternatives for men and women. For more than twenty years we have been empowering men and women caught in the life-shattering cycle of substance abuse and addiction. Through personal experience, we know that chemical dependency and alcoholism are both chronic and progressive illnesses. The disease disrupts all areas of a person's life and impacts the family and loved ones in a contagious fashion. Our affordable alcohol detox and drug detox, and alcohol rehab and drug rehab programs are licensed and certified by The State of California. We provide medically managed and non-medical detoxification and primary residential treatment. Our individual homes are on a unique co-ed campus where we offer gender specific treatment. We are located in the city of Costa Mesa, in Orange County, Southern California, close to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, and only an hour from Los Angeles and San Diego. Our belief is that lasting recovery requires a long-term investment. We invest in our residents as much as they invest in their new life. We are with them for the long haul, and will work with them and their families though the challenging, yet exciting stages of a rewarding life in recovery."  Costa Mesa
Phoenix House Adolescent Residential Treatment 
"Treatment options for adolescents include outpatient, after school, day school, day programs, and nine residential Phoenix Academies. The academies provide accelerated high school programs allowing youngsters to reclaim opportunities lost to drugs. Many types of adult treatment are supplemented by medical and dental care, career training, job placement, and housing assistance. The Treatment Community The Treatment Community is the heart of who we are. All Phoenix House residential communities use the traditional "Therapeutic Community" method of treatment, that applies the philosophy of mutual self-help to enable substance abusers to overcome their addictions in a structured environment. As they confront the underlying causes of their substance abuse, residents acquire new values and attitudes, and earn increased status and authority within the structure. There are three phases of treatment at Phoenix House residential therapeutic communities for adults and adolescents: Orientation... Primary Treatment... Re-entry."  Santa Ana
The Reach Foundation 
"REACH is a national nonprofit philanthropic organization committed to helping substance addicted individuals. It was formed to raise money to provide scholarships for the treatment and education of alcohol and drug addicts who are committed to recovery but unable to finance their own treatment and rehabilitation. The unique concept, supported by REACH, of giving persons the opportunity to pursue higher education while continuing ongoing treatment in a recovery facility has proved to be a motivational and highly effective means of rebuilding lives and reinforcing lasting recovery. "  Newport Beach
Salvation Army 
Career Services, Family Services, Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation, Emergency/Transition Shelters, Youth Centers, Thrift Stores and Disaster Services.  Anaheim, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, La Habra, Lake Forest, Orange, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Westminster
Seacliff Recovery Center 
"Seacliff Recovery Center is located in Huntington Beach (35 miles south of Los Angeles). We provide a safe atmosphere where our clients are able to become spiritually, awake, mentally alert and physically healthy. Our facility is licensed for 17 clients and has a combination of sleeping quarters.... Welcome to the Seacliff Recovery Center, you have just taken the first step on your journey towards recovery. You will not be alone on this path of healing and discovery of self. At Seacliff Recovery Center we are committed to helping you attain complete recovery over alcohol and drug addiction. Our mission at Seacliff Recovery Center is to provide a blend of todays most proficient and successful healing strategies, with a team of professionals who will assist and facilitate you and your family's healing from addiction and emotional wounds with compassion and guidance. Founded in 1996 as a residential extended care center, Seacliff has evolved into a state of the art recovery center serving adult men and women 18 to 65 years old. Women reside outside of the centers main campus. You will participate in a progressive 90-day, three-level, 24-hour extended care recovery program. Seacliff offers you a balance of maintaining sobriety so you are empowered to actively participate in the day-to-day responsibilities of life that affect self, family and co-workers. Seacliff Recovery Center provides a structured and safe environment that will enhance your ability to stay clean and sober. Ultimately you will learn you have the power to choose your own level of success and destiny."  Huntington Beach
Sober Living by the Sea 
"Just steps from the shoreline in Newport Beach, one of the most beautiful beach communities in Southern California, Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers (SLBTS) were established to provide hope and treatment to those in need of assistance for alcoholism, chemical dependency and other harmful addictions. One in a family of successful treatment facilities in Southern California, SLBTS offers clients a 90-day residential treatment program, with the option of attending college while in treatment. Other facilities include Sunrise Recovery Ranch – our all-male, 30-day facility nestled in the California foothills – and the Victorian House – our all-female, home-like, 60-day treatment center for eating disorders also located in Newport Beach. While each of the facilities offer treatment programs to assist in the management of specific life problems, they also share another thing in common … unique offerings that would be hard to find in more ordinary treatment centers."  Newport Beach
Solutions by the Sea / Ocean Recovery 
Extended Care Treatment, Day Treatment Program, Extended Living Program, Family Program. "Solutions by the Sea's Full Treatment Program is divided into two levels: 1) in-house; 2) intensive outpatient treatment. Solutions by the Sea treatment begins with the first phone call. We want to establish an environment of trust, a sense of security and integrity. The program each day will start with morning affirmation, meditation and prayer time. Throughout each treatment phase, we will focus on providing our clients with the tools for a strong 12-Step recovery, demonstrating how to apply those tools to daily living. There are four key elements that will be addressed while clients are in treatment. These are: Spirituality, Cognition, Physiology and Psychology. Solutions by the Sea's Day Treatment Program is an accommodation to the corporate employee unable to take too much time away from work and their family. Each client will arrive at the facility at 9 a.m. daily and begin a regular full day program. Since such clients will not live at the facility, we will provide them with daily therapy sessions to immerse themselves quickly into their recovery process. Each client will only be at the facility until early afternoon, which will enable them to continue their work involvement and to be with their families. Each In-Patient client will sign a contract indicating his or her willingness to enter the Solutions by the Sea full program should they while in treatment."  Newport Beach
South Coast Medical Center 
"Nestled within the seaside community of Laguna Beach, South Coast Medical Center was the first hospital built in South Orange County, opening in 1959. The general acute-care hospital has grown from a 74-bed facility into a 208-bed technically advanced medical center today. Chemical Dependency Recovery Program Genesis, a chemical dependency recovery program, offers alcoholic and drug-dependent adults the help they need -- whether it be inpatient or intensive outpatient care. Aftercare treatment is also an integral part of our overall program. Referral for intervention -- assistance for those reluctant to enter into treatment -- is available. For more than 20 years, licensed and skilled Genesis staff members have successfully helped thousands of patients and their families begin the recovery process -- and return home to live productive lives."  Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach
South Coast Recovery 
"SouthCoast is a program for the client who needs a supportive recovery environment in which to live for a period of time to readjust their lives. A dynamic place where an individual may continue to address issues that are vital to his/her recovery. In some cases, clients just need a sober living environment to learn life skills and regain their maximum cognitive functioning, and continue to "Turn a Life Around". Our experience has shown that an extended term sober living program can be as important or more important than the primary treatment. It acts as a safety net for clients who often get "stuck" in the beginning or at three, six or nine months of sobriety. It also serves as a safe sober living place to feel and verbalize issues that have not been realized or have been inappropriate to address in an individual's life."  
Sunrise Recovery Ranch 
"Alcohol and drug rehabilitation at Sunrise Recovery Ranch is a calming, healing alcohol and drug treatment center in the Southern california foothills area where individuals and families afflicted with the disease of alcoholism and drug addictions find spirituality, hope - and recovery. As a member of the Sober Living by the Sea family of successful alcohol and drug rehab treatment center and facilities, including the Victorian of Newport Beach, a treatment facility to overcome eating disorders, our goal is to help clients reach sobriety and maintain it. We get this process started through personalized, 30-day alcohol and drug treatment programs that enable our all-male residents to understand how they can make better choices and achieve healthier lifestyles following the completion our alcohol and drug rehab programs. Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Recovery Programs For some individuals, the direction and personal focus we provide in their 30 days with us is just the impetus they require to change their lives. For others, there's the need for ongoing care and attention to stay on the path to recovery. For everyone, there's the discovery that living sober really is more rewarding than the alternative. And even more fun. This is merely a brief overview of our addiction treatment center and healing that takes place at Sunrise Recovery Ranch. We consider it a working ranch. No, you won't find large herds of cattle and horses on our pristine surroundings nestled in the Southern California foothills. Instead, you will find all of us, residents and staff alike, working hard every day to deal sensitively and compassionately with the issues and pain created by substance abuse, drug addiction, and chemical dependency."  
Tarzana Treatment Centers 
"• Addiction If you or someone in your family needs help identifying and treating an addiction problem, Tarzana can help. We offer a free assessment and outpatient services, as well as medical detoxification and on-site residential rehabilitation. We're here for the long term; our Housing and Sober Living program and alumni support programs will provide you with tools for succeeding. If you need court-related services, we can help too. • Mental Health Coping with a mental illness isn't easy. Tarzana's professionals are experienced in treating chemical dependency and other psychiatric disorders. We also provide mental health support services as part of our HIV programs and in medical detoxification. Youth living with depression or other mental health problems can find help in our Youth Services programs, tailored specifically for teens and younger children. • Family Services Where addiction is a problem, the entire family is impacted. The family structure is also a primary vehicle for recovery. Tarzana involves the family as appropriate to support the individual's rehabilitation. Substance abuse programs include medical detoxification, residential rehabilitation and outpatient support services. We also provide psychiatric and medical care services for family members, as well as special Youth Services. Tarzana's family services also extend to HIV support and substance abuse outpatient services. • Youth Services The Youth Services Program are strength-based, focusing on each individuals strengths to facilitate healing. Tarzana offers inpatient and outpatient treatment options, education and after-care support services. We emphasize preventative care through outreach to local schools and commuity-based organizations, peer counseling, tutor and mentorship programs.. • Medical Care In support of local communities, Tarzana's Medical Care facilities offer a range of medical services, from treatment of acute illnesses to pediatric care. Medical care is also provided for detoxification and residential patients. Tarzana also has a specific HIV care clinic. • HIV Services Tarzana Treatment Centers' HIV Services provides people with HIV treatment strategies towards and extended quality of life. Prevention programs address attitudes and behaviors surrounding HIV/AIDS, helping people to protect themselves. • Court Related Services We're here to help you through any crisis, including legal troubles. Tarzana's counselors can help you or a family member to handle this difficult time. We work with local courts to provide approved treatment for substance abuse and response to domestic violence/anger management. Read more about our Court Related Services."  Long Beach, Santa Ana
"TEENSAVERS is a residential treatment center in Orange County that has been solving adolescent problems for over twenty-five years. We provide your child with a safe, therapeutic and educational setting. Our caring, experienced staff knows how to work with teenagers! We are able to address a teen’s substance abuse, problem behavior or psychological issues in a caring and effective manner. At TEENSAVERS, Parents are not “kept in the dark” about their child’s progress. Our clinical staff keeps parents and guardians informed of their child's therapeutic progress on a weekly basis. When parents leave their child in the capable hands of TEENSAVERS, rapid changes happen. Children reside in a safe and comfortable residential setting (not an institution). They are involved in a creative, yet intensive treatment environment throughout the day. Our therapeutic program is second to none in the United States. Our approach keeps the children busy, interested and personally challenged. Our academic program provides continuing credit for existing class work (transferable throughout the US), as well as, physical fitness credit for attending our private, professional-training gym three times per week. Call 1-800-451-1947 for an assessment or admission (24 hours per day) We have 27 years experience treating teenagers in Orange County. We are a small, private program. Our staff consists of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Licensed Therapists, Certified Addiction Counselors and Certified Teachers. The program was designed by Tim Chapman, a pioneer in the treatment of teengaed drug and alcohol problems in Orange County."  Orange
Yellowstone Recovery 
"Yellowstone is a first-step house dedicated to helping alcoholics and addicts begin their journey toward recovery. Transitional and long-term sobriety is also available in our additional homes." Inpatient Program: "90 Days - 1 Year Yellowstone is a family of recovery homes as well as a residential treatment center. We have introduced the 12-Step Program of Recovery to over 2,000 men and women suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Residents progress from their first ten days through their first year based on their willingness to work a program of recovery. Program Requirements: Daily AA meetings A Sponsor Written Assignments One-on-One Counseling Chores Service to Other Alcoholics Employment" Outpatient Program: "90 Days - 1 Year Level I: 3 Months: 1 group session per week and 1 individual session per month, with no group the week of individual. Level II: 3 Months: 1 group session per week. Three (3) 12-Step meetings per week. Must show evidence of working the steps with a sponsor. Total time in Aftercare: 0 to 6 Months (Clients will be assessed to determine the appropriate length of Aftercare.)"  Costa Mesa
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