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Surf Camps in Orange County, California

California Junior Lifeguard/Super Surf Camps 
"As we enter our thirteenth exciting season, all of us here would like to thank all of those who have helped make us one of the most popular summer programs in Southern California. We here at California Junior Lifeguard Programs and Super Surf Camps are dedicated to providing our participants with the best instruction in ocean safety, lifeguarding skills and surfing instruction. Our junior lifeguard instructors are professionals in the areas of ocean safety and related activities. Our surfing instructors are world-class surfers and have extensive experience in instruction for all surfing ability levels. So please enjoy our site and remember SAFETY FIRST."  Dana Point, Sunset Beach
Endless Summer Surf Camp 
"The Endless Summer Surf Camp has a beautiful campsite overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the San Onofre State Park Campground, which is just south of the city of San Clemente, California. San Clemente is approximately 60 miles south of Los Angeles and approximately 60 miles north of San Diego. San Clemente has an average summer temperature of 78° air, and 70° water. San Clemente is the surf energy capital of Southern California and has produced many top professional surfers such as Shane Beschen, Chris Ward and Mike Parsons. The area offers a variety of waves from the easy rolling waves of San Onofre for the beginners, to the world class point surf of Lower Trestles for the more experienced surfers."  San Clemente
Laguna Beach Surf School 
According to Transworld Surf: "With over 20 years of surf teaching experience and taught by ex-pro surfers and life long watermen the Laguna Beach Surf school is proud to be bringing you some fun and sun in this Summer’s surf. The Laguna Beach Surf School is run through the Laguna Beach Recreation Department. The school is offered to all ages and to those who are interested in learning about the elements of surfing and the ocean around them. The program is offered in weekly sessions, 9:00am to 2:00pm Monday thru Friday, during the summer months.The school is a cool fun local Laguna experience ran by the locals, and with a max capacity of 15 students. The surfers are sure to have fun with our excellent and humorous teachers. 'SLi Dawg', 'The Laffer', and 'The Haas'. All famous within the surf community and beyond. "  Laguna Beach
Summer Fun Surf Camp 
"Hello, thank you for your interest in our Summer Fun Surf Camp (S.F.S.C.). S.F.S.C. has a beautiful campsite in San Clemente State Park right on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Located between San Diego and Los Angeles, in Southern California. Average air temperature is 78° F, water 70° F."  San Clemente
Surfers Healing 
"Israel and Danielle Paskowitz are the founders of Surfers Healing. Their son, Isaiah, was diagnosed with autism at age three. Like many autistic children, he often suffered from sensory overload--simple sensations could become overwhelming, even painful. The one thing that seemed to calm him was being in the ocean; even as a baby Isaiah loved to swim and splash in the shallows. Israel and Danielle’s two other children are Israelah 16 and Elijah 9. Isaiah is now 13. In an inspired moment, Israel, a former champion longboard surfer, borrowed a large board built for tandem surfing. Putting Isaiah on the front of the board, Israel sat behind him, paddling and steering from the back. They spent the day catching waves and surfing together. The impact it had on both Isaiah and Israel was profound. 'There was something about the ocean that calmed him', recounts Israel. 'Being in the water seemed to soothe his overloaded senses.' More importantly, surfing together had created a new closeness between Israel and Isaiah.... Today, the day camps, which are free to participants, are attended by over 200 people and receive media coverage from the likes of People magazine and HBO television. Says Danielle, 'This all started out as a means to share something really meaningful to us with other families of autistic children. It’s amazing to see how much joy this has brought not just to the kids, but to the families as well.' Currently, day camps are being held in Southern California, New York and Hawaii. The hope of the foundation is to continue to expand so that one day, surf camps could be offered to autistic children all over the world." Need surf & beach volunteers.  San Juan Capistrano
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