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Photographic Camera Repair in Orange County, California

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"Processing 35mm film and making 4x6 prints is not the only service we provide to our customers. We offer a full range of photo finishing & digital services including being selected by Agfa to process on site their Agfa Scala Black & White Slide Film. Agfa Scala processing offers the user a unique Black & White slide film that captures images with shadow detail or in high contrast not equaled with any other film type. Although we primarily focus on photo finishing & digital services, we also sell photographic equipment (both conventional and digital), accessories and darkroom supplies.... We repair a variety of compact & SLR cameras, video cameras and digital cameras. Both routine & manufacturer warranty repairs are just as close as one of our convenient locations. With over 70 years in business we know how to solve your problems."  Cypress, Santa Ana, Yorba Linda
Keith Weber
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