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Camera Photography Rentals in Orange County, California

Cal's Cameras & Video 
Cameras, Video, Imaging, Rentals, Darkroom. "Cal’s, in business since 1962, has been a Southern Californian haven for the amateur and professional photographer for almost forty years. The store’s line of 35mm, Medium and Large format cameras is extensive, backed by service and support that is second to none. Many manufacturers consider Cal’s to be their flagship dealer in the area and so support the store with dealer demos, camera clinics, and extended warranties that ultimately benefit the customer. Whether in the market for an inexpensive vacation camera, a hobbyist’s dream camera, or a professional’s daily tool of the trade, one will find their camera of choice at Cal’s.... Both consumer and “Prosumer” Camcorders, and their accompanying accessories, are the main focus at Cal’s Video department. In the last few years, it has become apparent that digital video capture is the future of home video, and the impact of the home computer on editing solutions has greatly influenced the lines and models that Cal’s carries. Specializing in “Mini DV”, represented by Sony, Canon, and JVC, and the Sony “Digital 8” format, which allows digital acquisition and computer integration as well as full compatibility with analog Video 8 and HI 8 tape formats.... Color photo copies, slide scanning, and image enhancement are just a few of the services we offer.... Cal's is proud to offer our New Digital Prints Web Service.... Photo retouching using a computer is a great way to restore old photographs.... Cal's Cameras has a complete selection of rental equipment.... Darkroom chemicals, photo paper enlargers... we not only have the products, we have an expert staff that can assist you in setting up a darkroom from start to finish."  Costa Mesa
Main Photo & Imaging 
"Processing 35mm film and making 4x6 prints is not the only service we provide to our customers. We offer a full range of photo finishing & digital services including being selected by Agfa to process on site their Agfa Scala Black & White Slide Film. Agfa Scala processing offers the user a unique Black & White slide film that captures images with shadow detail or in high contrast not equaled with any other film type. Although we primarily focus on photo finishing & digital services, we also sell photographic equipment (both conventional and digital), accessories and darkroom supplies.... We repair a variety of compact & SLR cameras, video cameras and digital cameras. Both routine & manufacturer warranty repairs are just as close as one of our convenient locations. With over 70 years in business we know how to solve your problems."  Cypress, Santa Ana, Yorba Linda
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