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Corporate Training in Orange County, California

AJ Novick Group 
"The AJ Novick Group offers Stress and Anger Management Classes for adults, adolescents, corporate executives, managers, couples, and individuals. Anger Management is quickly becoming one of the most recognized methods for effectively helping individuals learn to manage and control anger, stress, hostility and aggression as well as increase awareness in skills that can produce more positive outcomes. Anger is a normal human emotion; however, if it is not expressed appropriatly it can have devastating and lasting affects on relationships. We offer weekly anger management classes, home study programs, weekend workshops, training, and much more. We also offer classes and programs for employees as well as on-site trainings for your company or organization. Workplace aggression costs companies millions of dollars every year. Anger managment is a cost savings intervention. In addition, please see our selection of highly effective home study programs and accelerated workshops on the weekends. Our classes focus on skills in assertive communication, judgment an impulse control, stress management, empathy and emotional awareness, forgiveness, expectation management and anger control techniques."  Laguna Beach
The AngerCoach - Dr. Fiore & Associates 
"Dr Fiore & Associates, LLC is a company with a mission to provide anger and stress management solutions for individuals, couples, companies, facilities, agencies, and EAPs. Dr Fiore is a certified Anger Management Provider by the National Anger Management Assocation. In addition to providing services directly to clients, his company, in partnership with Century Anger Management, provides Certified anger management professinal training for mental health professionals, substance abuse professionals, law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, and pastoral professionals. Tony Fiore, Ph.D., Program Director, is a California licensed psychologist( Lic # PSY 6670), marriage therapist, and personal coach with clinical practices in Long Beach and Orange, California. He is a Diplomate of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), and a Fellow in The American Institute of Stress. Tony often speaks to groups and organizations on stress and anger management as well as providing four and eight hour programs for company retreats, treatment program staff, organizations, and agencies."  Orange
ATC TaeKwonDo & HapKi-Do 
"ATC TaeKwonDo helps to build confidence in Children, Juniors and Adults. The skills learned in this martial art assist children in their academic future. Adults benefit by learning to be more assertive in all aspects of their lives.... HapKi-Do: . This martial art is combat self-defense for adults. This art requires throws, falls, and incorporates wrist locks, joint manipulations, pressure points, strikes, kicks and ground tactics. It is for these reasons HapKi-Do is used by many special forces and police agencies.... TaeBox: TaeBox is an exciting, energizing workout, where you will have fun while getting a balanced body. TaeBox is a combination of basic TaeKwon-Do and Boxing techniques while moving your body to Miami and New York Club sounds. 4 Levels to challenge you.... TaeGuek Tai Chi: This martial art was specifically developed to improve the mental and physical flexibility of our aging bodies. TaeGuek Tai Chi will help seniors feel young again, while building confidence and improving blood flow and stamina. Older Adults will learn 8 basic breathing forms and soft style self defense and can reach the level of Black Sash after 3 years.... Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Classes are taught by Master Spillmann Private Classes only. Tutoring Program: Tutoring is available for an extra hourly fee, by teacher T-Instructor Spillmann. At the Corona location only.... Corporate Programs: Make the grand opening ceremony of your business or movie premier a spectacular events with high energy martial arts demo performed by our staff of professional instructors.... Gymnastics: Taught by some of the top coaches. Available in Aliso Viejo ATC Academy Only.... Instructor Programs: Interested in opening a licensed ATC academy? Then this is the program for you. Master Spillmann and Master Park will instruct you in martial arts and teaching strategies, while teaching motivational and leadership skills. Also in this program, you will learn to operate and maintain a successful academy."  Aliso Viejo, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Long Beach, Turlock
Century Anger Management 
"Century Anger Management exists to help individuals like you—citizens who otherwise go through life without desire to harm others—avoid the tragic consequences of uncontrolled anger. Anger is controllable. You can change how you respond to angry situations. You don’t have to continue to risk your emotional, financial, and physical life. You don’t have to risk hurting your loved ones. Century Anger Management specializes in helping individuals with anger problems develop the resources they need to handle their anger before it gets out of control. We offer a variety of anger management publications, workshops, and consultations. We help corporations help their employees and managers to work together, rather than at cross-purposes." See also: Anger News Blog.  
CPR Training Professionals 
CPR Training Professionals provides on-site group CPR, First Aid and AED training to Preschools, Daycare Centers and Workplaces throughout Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County. Our programs are EMSA approved, OSHA compliant and USCG approved.  Laguna Hills
The Development Center 
"As a result of coaching, training and using The Development Center's productivity tools and processes, your organization will significantly: * Increase the productivity of key individuals & teams * Increase performance expectations & results at all levels * Increase key employee retention & commitment CoachingCOACHING - for organizational & leadership effectiveness Stretching leaders & their teams out of their "comfort zone" to think the unthinkable & to achieve the improbable. TrainingTRAINING & competency building - for performance effectiveness, Raising individual & team performance beyond expectations. Productivity ToolsPRODUCTIVITY TOOLS - for relationship & teamwork effectiveness. Using Pulse*Points Profiles & processes for sustained performance improvement."  Irvine
"ExecuQuest was founded in 1985 by Organizational Development Consultants Jaime Jusidman and Bob Miller. The objective was to provide programs that would enhance leadership capabilities for Senior Management Executives. Originally, ExecuQuest offered two distinct coaching programs – ASCEND and EXTEND – but, over the years, we have expanded our program portfolio to include Team Development, Organization Change, Diversity Training, and much more. We have developed a network of over 20 consultants across the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Our consultants have worked with hundreds of executives in dozens of countries. Our client list includes Tricon International, Gallo Winery, PETsMART.COM, Monsanto, Campbell Soup Company, Tyco International, Verizon International, Reed Elsevier, and others."  Laguna Hills
Mister Hypnosis - Richard Rumble DCH(c) 
Richard Rumble " Mister Hypnosis " Comedy Hypnosis Shows 1-800-60-HYPNO. "Through the Full Spectrum Hypnosis Center, in Mission Viejo, CA., you can learn to achieve your goals and outcomes. Using the cutting edge technology and the most advanced techniques of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy(tm), we can show you how to change the way you run your brain. Don't settle for second best in your life. GET the BEST! Achieve EXCELLENCE in all that you do. Weight Loss Stop Smoking Sports Enhancement Stress Reduction Motivational Issues " Corporate Events. "All packages are custom fit to your specifications and needs." Corporate Entertainment: Comedy Hypnosis Show or Magic Show. Corporate Training: "Our corporate training package has the fun and entertaining elements of a production, but gets the message right to the inner most workings of the mind. Sales Trainings, Customer Service trainings or employee management training. Using the BEST of Hypnosis, NLP and Time Line, we install the MOST information in the shortest time." Trade Show / Sales Meetings: "Let your Sales Entertainer deliver YOUR message in an entertaining and captivating way. Using a custom sales script with perfect timing and delivery, as well as custom magic presentations, your booth is sure to produce MORE excitement this time than EVER before." Private Party Events. "Looking for something UNIQUE and DIFFERENT for your next Private Party? How about a small in home hypnosis show? If you have 20 willing party guests, I can show them the time of their lives. Ever Seen "RAPID INDUCTION"? Most folks don't even know what it IS... let alone had it done in front of them. I will demonstrate several different Rapid Inductions and entertain your party in a way that will have you the talk of the town. "  Mission Viejo
Rock City Climbing Center 
Wilderness 1st Aid Certification, RC Climbing Team, Kids Parties, Adults Parties, Corporate Team Building, Climbing 101, Lead Climbing Class, Private Climbing Instruction, High Ropes Course Challenge, Scout Climbing Merit Badge, Sport Safety Training, Scout First Aid Merit Badge, CPR Training, Rocks & Ropes Adventure Camp, River Rafting, Backpacking. "Proud Provider of American Red Cross First Aid and CPR Training " Staff includes (as of 2004): Shawn Crawford, Bryan Lorentzen, Matt Callendar, Sue Clineff, Randall Chapman, Jose Tovar.  Anaheim
Santa Ana College 
In 1915, Santa Ana Junior College opened its doors to 26 students as a department of Santa Ana High School. It was the second junior college founded in Orange County, behind Fullerton College, and the fourth oldest in all of California. Santa Ana College (SAC) is known for its academic programs as well as top-ranked student services. Students can enroll for full semester, mini-semester (GR8 Weeks), weekend and online classes. A wide variety of courses are available in business, math and sciences, arts and humanities, and career and vocational education. SAC offers over 300 subjects leading to the associate degree in science or arts or vocational certificate of competency. In 2008, Santa Ana College was recognized by Community College Week as one of the top associate degree producers for Hispanic students in the nation. Santa Ana College was ranked 8th among the top 100 and also ranked 18th among the top 100 associate degree producers for Asian American students. While Santa Ana College offers numerous concentrations or majors leading to the associate degree in science or arts, it also offers off-site programs for students seeking basic skills and technology proficiency so they can pursue other goals. These off-campus sites include: Centennial Education Center: CEC provides a full spectrum of non-credit continuing education to address the adult learner population. In addition to English-as-a-Second-Language courses, it offers adult basic education, citizenship, high school completion, parent education and vocational training. Orange County Sheriff's Regional Training Academy: Located in Tustin, this facility enables Santa Ana College and the Sheriff's Department to serve more than 800 Academy cadets annually while expanding the weekend and evening education and training opportunities for existing law enforcement officers in Orange County and around the state. The academy features four large lecture classrooms, a state-of-the-art multi-media production studio, a multi-purpose room that accommodates up to 1,300 people, a weight training room, as well as an outdoor obstacle and tactical training course. Regional Fire Training Academy: This center is used for fire technology, prevention, lecture, and applied practice courses and is located in the city of Santa Ana. It is used by students enrolled in the Fire Academy program as well as fire professionals for continuing education purposes. Workforce Development and Career Center: As a resource for continuing education, this center is housed in the RSCCD operations center on Broadway and Santa Clara and specializes in courses tailored to the needs of business and industry. The center is the access point for business owners as well as individuals to gain educational advantages that enhance workplace performance. Santa Ana College is part of the Rancho Santiago Community College District serving the following communities: Anaheim Hills, Garden Grove, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin and Villa Park.  Santa Ana
SureFire CPR 
What we do: * CPR and First Aid Training * Bloodborne Pathogen Training * Oxygen Administration Training * AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Sales * Medical Supply Sales (Manikins and First Aid) SureFire CPR is an industry leading CPR and First Aid instruction company serving Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Corona, Riverside, San Bernardino and the greater Southern California area. We take great pride in helping each of our customers achieve their goal of obtaining a CPR certification, BLS certification, AED training or completing a First Aid class. What sets our training apart is our elite staff’s first-hand knowledge and daily experience with 911 emergencies. Our team of instructors consists of professional Firefighters, Paramedics, Lifeguards, ER Nurses, and EMT's. Our skills are of the highest caliber because we have dedicated our lives to serving the public. SureFire CPR uses the most realistic training equipment on the market. We specialize in on-site training and consistently provide CPR certification, BLS certification, AED training and other First Aid classes for high profile clients. Regularly scheduled classes are available at our Laguna Hills and Orange locations. We at SureFire CPR look forward to training you in what we do best - saving lives.  Laguna Hills, Orange
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