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Top Finish Collision Center 
"We meet the nicest people by accident! Top Finish Collision Center is a privately owned collision and paint repair facility in Santa Ana, California. In a very short period of time, Top Finish has positioned itself to be one of the most innovative and fastest growing collision centers in Orange County. Just like other industries have experienced significant changes due to the rapid advancements in computers and other technologies, the collision industry has not been the exception. The chemistry and physics of materials have evolved tremendously. Sophisticated start-of-the art equipment and machinery have also emerged making the collision and paint process more precise and efficient. This type of equipment is absolutely necessary in order to fix today's complex vehicles. Top Finish assimilates these changes and maintains a proactive approach in investing in state of the art equipment and training. Top Finish's office staff and technicians participate and enroll in year round courses and seminars offered by different professional institutions. Top Finish Collision Center is best described as being a customer driven and technology based company. It has a strong referral customer base which can be directly attributed to its high levels of honesty and integrity, coupled by its professionalism and distinguished quality repairs and service. As it maintains this vision, Top Finish will continue to expand its customer base and remain a key player in the auto collision industry."  Santa Ana
Keith Weber
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