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Authors in Orange County, California

Ayn Rand 
Ayn Rand was a longtime resident of Laguna Beach. Her institute is still located in Orange County.  Irvine
Carol Ummel Lindquist, Ph.D. 
Author of Happily Married with Kids: It's Not a Fairy Tale, a manual for families. "Learn how to be in the 33% of couples who grow closer and happier after kids. Avoid being in the 67% who are much more unhappy or divorce.... Dr. Lindquist has been in private practice for over 20 years as a licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Lindquist says: 'I enjoy working with couples and individuals. I am probably most well known for working with high conflict and violent couples and treatment of trauma.... Due to my teaching and additional training, I am thoroughly familiar with several models for working with couples. My therapeutic model most closely resembles that of Bader and Pearson on the developmental stages in couple relationships. My couples work matches the developmental needs of the relationship. I integrate the techniques from the research of John Gottman and Howard Markman as well.'"  Laguna Beach
Dean Koontz 
"...his wife, Gerda, made him an offer he couldn't refuse: "I'll support you for five years," she said, "and if you can't make it as a writer in that time, you'll never make it." By the end of those five years, Gerda had quit her job to run the business end of her husband's writing career. Dean and Gerda Koontz along with their dog, Trixie, live in southern California.... When he was a senior in college, Dean Koontz won an Atlantic Monthly fiction competition and has been writing ever since. His books are published in 38 languages, a figure that currently increases more than 17 million copies per year. Ten of his novels have risen to number one on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list (By the Light of the Moon, One Door Away From Heaven, From the Corner of His Eye, Lightning, Midnight, Cold Fire, Hideaway, Dragon Tears, Intensity, and Sole Survivor), making him one of only a dozen writers ever to have achieved that milestone. Twelve of his books have risen to the number one position in paperback."  
John Steinbeck 
According to the Laguna Beach Visitors & Conference Bureau: "Novelist John Steinbeck penned his classic tale Tortilla Flats while residing at 504 Park Avenue."  
Joseph Wambaugh 
According to "Novelist Joseph Wambaugh also lived here, on one of the smaller islands to the west of Balboa Island. A former LA police officer, Wambaugh wrote a number of novels about troubled cops, and many of those books found their way to the silver screen via Hollywood: 'The New Centurions' (1972), 'The Choirboys' (1977), 'The Onion Field' (1979), 'The Black Marble' (1980), and TV's 'Police Story' and 'The Blue Knight.' Wambaugh also wrote 'The Golden Orange,' a colorful chronicle of life on and around Balboa Island."  
Lynne Cox 
"When I was three years old, I learned how to swim in a lake called Snow Pond, in Maine, where my mother’s father had taught her to swim. I swam there in the summer, and the rest of the year I took lessons in an indoor heated pool. I started entering swim meets a couple of years later, but itwasn’t until my family moved to California, in 1969, and I participated in a race in the Pacific that I realized how much I loved swimming in open water. In August, 1971, when I was fourteen years old, I swam twenty-seven miles, from Catalina Island, in Southern California, across the Catalina Channel to the mainland. The swim took twelve hours and thirty-six minutes..." Lynne went on to swim the English Channel, the Strait of Magellan, the Cape of Good Hope, across Lake Titicaca, through the Gulf of Aqaba, and across the Bering Strait, from the United States to the Soviet Union. Lynne is an author and a motivational speaker, in addition to being a world class long-distance swimmer.
T. Jefferson Parker 
Probably the most prolific writer using Orange County as his backdrop. "Parker was educated in public schools in Orange County, and took a bachelor's degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, in 1976. He was honored in 1992 as the Distinguished Alumnus. His writing career began in 1978, as a cub reporter on the weekly newspaper, The Newport Ensign. After covering police, city hall and cultural stories for the Ensign, Parker moved on to the Daily Pilot newspaper, where he won three Orange County Press Club awards for his articles. All the while he was tucking away stories and information that he would use in his first book. Laguna Heat, written on evenings and weekends while he worked as a journalist, was published to rave reviews and made into an HBO movie starring Harry Hamlin, Jason Robards and Rip Torn. The paperback made the New York Times Bestseller list in 1986. Parker's next ten books—all dealing with crime, life and death in sunny Southern California—were published to uniformly good reviews and appeared on various regional bestseller lists."

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