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Photographic Art in Orange County, California

Florentine Studio 
"Set in the rich artistic tradition of an Italian countryside and villa, the Florentine Studio Photography offers a wide variety of imaginative and creative possibilities. The Casazza family artistic heritage began with Albert Frank Casazza during the early 1900's in New York and expanded to California in the 1950's. Albert's son, Ralph Michael Casazza has been an artist/photographer all his life and now with the completion of the new studio in Santa Ana, California, continues the rich family tradition. The Florentine Studio invites you to experience the beauty and feelings of the sight, touch and smell of an Italian Villa and Gardens, created from the heart and mind of an artist family. Come and enjoy the Italian experience at the Florentine Studio Photography."  Santa Ana
Jack English Photography 
Surf, Action, Life, Music, People.  
Robert Edward Ghysels Online Gallery 
"I offer many galleries here. Some are of a scenic, artistic nature, while others present views of social events, commercial projects, or other business endeavors I may be involved with.... Events Gallery - Commercial photographs of various events I photographed. The event may be a social event such as a birthday party, a business luncheon, a special awards banquet, a sporting event, or any other special event.... Scenic Gallery - This gallery contains various photographs of seascapes, landscapes, sunsets, architecture, interesting people, animals, birds, abstract items, and anything else I may have discovered with a unique, beautiful view.... Special Gallery - Some of my own personal favorite photographs are presented here in several different special presentations. Some images are presented in virtual artistic frames while others are part of a collage, or montage, or panorama. Still others may be presented in various abstract graphics or other visually interesting mediums.... Family and Friends Gallery - The photo albums here are dedicated to my wonderful family and many loyal friends. The images here represent the history of my life depicted through the many people whom have shared and touched my life's experiences." 
"Digital Preservation of an Interactive Moment between Man, Surfboard and the Ocean." Photography by Robert E Ghysels.  
Keith Weber
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