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Artists in Orange County, California

Cire Fine Art 
Very vivid, colorful art featuring beach, tropical, surf, palm, etc. themes.  Aliso Viejo
Florentine Studio 
"Set in the rich artistic tradition of an Italian countryside and villa, the Florentine Studio Photography offers a wide variety of imaginative and creative possibilities. The Casazza family artistic heritage began with Albert Frank Casazza during the early 1900's in New York and expanded to California in the 1950's. Albert's son, Ralph Michael Casazza has been an artist/photographer all his life and now with the completion of the new studio in Santa Ana, California, continues the rich family tradition. The Florentine Studio invites you to experience the beauty and feelings of the sight, touch and smell of an Italian Villa and Gardens, created from the heart and mind of an artist family. Come and enjoy the Italian experience at the Florentine Studio Photography."  Santa Ana
Joe Ongie 
Musician, artist, restaurateur, and you-name-it. Robert Pally says in his interview, "Joe Ongie ignores the record industry, played with Aimee Mann, loves the Beatles album Revolver and canít live being compared to the Eels."  
Paul Carter Surfboards & Art 
"Paul Carter gets a whole new look on his website for a whole new direction he is taking with his Artistry! Not just a shaper and not just an artist, he is blending these two worlds together. Enjoy the beauty and depth in his newfound love of painting and see his world from surfboard to canvas! I started shaping in 1993 with Infinity Surfboards under the guidance of Steve Bahne. I ventured out and started my own label 'Paul Carter Surfboards'. I have been influenced by other shaper's such as Terry Martin, Midget Smith, and Timmy Patterson. Look for my boards in various San Clemente businesses such as El Patio Cafe, the Rib Trader, and Stud Cuts. I have also shaped display surfboards for companies such as Balance Bar, the Baby Gap, Taylor Woodrow, and a few different beer companies. The summer of 2000 I had the privilege of shaping boards under the Hobie surfboard label working along side with Mark Johnson shaping performance and classic Hobie Surfboards. I shaped about 87 boards which are all signed. In September 2000 I had the opportunity to open my very own surf shop. The store opened in October and is steadily growing forward each day."  San Clemente
© Keith Weber
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