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Bird Information Resources Supplies in Orange County, California

Amazornia Wild Parrot Site 
A web site dedicated to information about the wild parrots found throughout Orange County: "With (worldwide) numbers decreasing at alarming rates, wildlife organizations worldwide have struggled to save their natural habitats and do everything possible to stop the importation of wild-caught parrots. While this struggle continues, thousands of miles away from their native land in a most unlikely place some species of parrot have (not so quietly) made their presence known. Rumor has it that decades ago, an exotic bird smuggling ring was surprised and just as the authorities were ready to pounce, the wild-caught birds were freed. Another rumor speaks of firefighters responding to a call in a pet shop and rather than see the birds perish, the firefighters set them free. Though these rumors have circulated for 30-plus years, there are some that believe the wild parrots may have come here on their own through normal exploration. While there may be some truth to all of these instances, the wild parrots have undoubtedly been joined by others who were once beloved companions... Most parrot species, in their natural habitat, are gravely endangered due to the pet trade, habitat loss and other variables. The naturalization of parrots in California and Florida has shown there is hope that these incredible birds can survive among us. It is with this hope for the future that we ask you not disturb, disrupt, harrass or attempt to capture these free-flying parrots. Parrots mate for life and have deep emotional ties to their flock members. They would suffer greatly if not left to do what parrots do. There are several flocks (large and small) of wild parrots throughout Southern California and most people consider them enjoyable to have around. These birds, as all wildlife, greatly deserve our respect and protection. With sincere gratitude, we thank you for caring and for your continued cooperation." An article on the OC wild parrots appeared on the OC Register web site on June 13, 2006.  
Bird Clinic 
"The BIRD Clinic was founded in 1987 by Larry Nemetz, DVM as a specialty veterinary practice dedicated to advanced diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of medical conditions in ONLY avian patients. Our mission is to provide excellent avian veterinary care for the birds of our clients and those of the many veterinarians that refer to The BIRD Clinic. Our overall vision is to disseminate current and breakthrough technologies to veterinarians throughout the world and raise the bar for avian veterinary care. Avian medicine is constantly evolving and Dr. Nemetz believes that birds and their owners need a facility and a veterinarian that will utilize current technologies AND develop and perform new state of the art protocols and procedures with a constant goal of enriching and extending the lives of our beloved avian family members. "  Santa Ana
Birds of Orange County 
Detailed information on birds found in Orange County, accompanied by slides (mostly from the Audubon Wildlife Slides collection).  
Irvine Ranch Land Reserve 
"The Irvine Ranch Land Reserve - more than 50,000 acres of permanently protected open space in the heart of Orange County, California offers a rich menu of recreational opportunities, from hiking and horseback riding to bird-watching and picnicking. The land is diverse; stretching 22 miles from the mountains to the sea; comprising more than half of the historic 93,000-acre Irvine Ranch and is home to hundreds of species of native plants and animals."  
Laguna Beach Animal Shelter 
"The City of Laguna Beach Animal Shelter was created in 1975, by a group of dedicated volunteers - The Pet Responsibility Committee - who lobbied the City Council to purchase the former S.P.C.A. building on Laguna Canyon Road. The Shelter serves the residents of Laguna by providing temporary care for lost, stray and sick or injured animals rescued by Animal Services Officers within the city limits. At any one time the facility houses dogs, cats, and kittens, and a smaller number of other animals, such as birds, rabbits, chickens, ferrets, reptiles and guinea pigs. Every animal that comes through the Shelter is held for seven days for reclaiming by its owner. Because we are a small community the claim-rate is extremely high (80%)."  Laguna Beach
Midway City Feed Store 
Full service feed and pet supply. Agriculture supplies, firewood, bird & rabbit supplies. Delivery available.  Midway City
One of the two large chains in our area - but, wait - this isn't all bad! They do NOT sell dogs or cats, but instead support local rescue groups. And their Petco Foundation's mission is to "support community organizations and efforts that enhance the lives of companion animals while strengthening the bond between people and pets."  Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Cerritos, Chino, Corona, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Habra, Lake Forest, Lakewood, Long Beach, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Orange, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Tustin, Westminster, Whittier
"Founded in 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona, PETsMART, Inc., is the nation's leading retail supplier of products, services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. The company operates more than 600 pet superstores in the United States and Canada as well as a large pet supply catalog business, and the Internet's leading pet product website. PETsMART stores carry the industry's broadest line of products for every stage of a pet's life. Our unique products differentiate PETsMART from the competition and give customers new reasons to shop our stores. PETsMART offers exclusive products at good values, a proposition supported by our solid relationships with suppliers around the world and our cost-control initiatives. In addition, nearly all PETsMART stores feature pet styling salons that offer safe, quality pet grooming services, from full-service styling to baths, toenail trimming and teeth cleaning. Pet stylists are trained at PETsMART academies and provide the industry's highest-quality services. PETsMART offers affordable education for puppies or adult dogs. In addition to ensuring that pets are happy, well-behaved members of the family, the classes help solve obedience problems the number one reason pets are turned over to shelters. In addition, we are testing PETsHOTEL, an innovative, high-quality pet boarding and day camp concept. In every store, PETsMART provides space for shelters to make homeless pets available for thoughtful adoption by PETsMART customers. This program has found homes for more than 1.7 million homeless pets since its inception in 1994. PETsMART is the only pet care company that provides high-quality, affordable veterinary hospitals inside many of its stores. Banfield, The Pet Hospital, one of the country's largest veterinary care providers, operates hospitals that focus on preventive care to extend the life of pets. PETsMART holds a 31 percent equity position in Medical Management International, the operator of Banfield, The Pet Hospital."  Aliso Viejo, Brea, Buena Park, Chino Hills, Corona, Costa Mesa, Diamond Bar, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Irvine, Long Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Signal Hill, Yorba Linda
Sunset-Huntington Harbor 
"There are 5 marinas within the Sunset-Huntington harbor area, and a total of approximately 3,000 boats along with over 1500 residences/condominiums that are on the water. The Orange County Sheriff's Harbor Patrol is also responsible for patrolling the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station and off shore areas to 3 miles out. Altogether the patrol area covers about 1,745 acres of water and 6 miles of shoreline inside the harbor.... There is a vast natural area that lays between the Naval Weapons Station and Sunset-Huntington Harbor known as the ANAHEIM BAY NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE. This is home to numerous types of marine life and birds that thrive in the natural habitat that has existed for years. The area is said to be one of the most important and beautiful natural wildlife areas along the Pacific Coast. Numerous safety and environmental agencies have been working closely on a plan to protect the area should there be some type of disaster that would threaten the area with hazardous products."  Huntington Beach, Irvine
Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary 
"Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary is a 12-acre non-profit nature preserve, located in the heart of Modjeska Canyon [Silverado, California] adjacent to the Cleveland National Forest. It is owned and operated by California State University, Fullerton and its College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. In addition to serving as a research center for Cal State Fullerton students, faculty and others, Tucker is open to the public to enjoy and learn about the local wildlife and natural habitat in the Southern California canyon area. Tucker's facilities include a small natural history museum/interpretive center, two ponds, a bird observation porch and feeders, relaxing patio and picnic areas, a small amphitheater, a caretaker's house, hiking trails, a gift shop, restrooms and an ample visitor parking lot."  Silverado
Wild Birds Unlimited 
"Wild Birds Unlimited is the first and largest franchise system of retail stores catering to the backyard bird feeding hobbyist. We opened our first store in 1981 and we now have more than 300 stores throughout North America."  Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo, Yorba Linda
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